Abhyasa International Residential Public School

Toopran - 502 334, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
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Situated in Medak, Telangana, the Abhyasa International Residential School is affiliated to ICSE, Delhi, as well as IGCSE, Cambridge University, UK.



  • To develop confidence, creativity, and character in students, by making them relate to the universe.



  • To establish a Public School based on Indian culture and Gurukul Ethos.
  • To provide a healthy environment with a globally recognized curriculum.



The curriculum has the following five objectives:

1)      Physical Fitness:  To enhance the physical quotient of the students by making them active, healthy, physically fit, and strong.

2)      Intellectual Capability:  To improve the critical thinking and creative abilities, various applied activities are given to students.

3)      Artistic Skills:  For the holistic development of the children, they are encouraged to participate in arts, dancing, drama, music, poetry, and other such endeavors.

4)      Social Responsibility: To inculcate inter-personal skills and a respect for authority, children undergo self-reliance programs and career guidance workshops.

5)      Spiritual Awareness:  It is important to guide children towards choosing the appropriate reactions in conflicting situations and to strengthen their emotional quotient.



  • The school is spread over an area of 25 acres in a lush green environment.
  • An ideal 1:10 teacher student ratio for personalized attention.
  • Air-conditioned hostels for both boys and girls.
  • Amenities like a meditation center, a yoga centre, and a dance facility.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has operationalized the art of 'Man-making'propagated by Swami Vivekananda. In His infinite wisdom, Bhagawan has repeatedly stressed the need to firmly sow the seeds of character and culture in early childhood apart from merely informative education aiming at material success. Unswerving adherence to truth, unity of thought, word & deed and a sense of indebtedness to society should pervade the life of a person to make it meaningful. Material success should bring into our being a feeling of responsibility to share the fruits of success by distributing the same to the less endowed brethren. This thirst for serving society through loving 'Seva' generates ideas, creates talent, and promotes imaginative dedication to a meaningful course in one’s life. Respect for our own epics, culture, tradition, and heritage endows us with confidence and patriotic fervor. Such a purposeful life liberates and takes us nearer to Divinity.


The yearning desire of a few alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning at Puttaparthi resulted in “Abhyasa Residential School” coming into being in an idyllic setting in Toopran. Smt and Sri Kalletla Rangadas garu and family dedicated themselves to the same as a service to Bhagawan. Sri Kalletla Vinayak and the team of devoted staff have been striving constantly to shape the school with such ideals stressing the need for value based education. We are humbly proud to say that Abhyasa has carved a special niche among the schools. The installation of state of the art teaching equipment and methodology has been a continuing effort. Many of our alumni have made us proud by winning laurels in academic and sports. It has a special place of recognition for cultural and social service programmes with even the United Nations Award for Excellence in Social Service.


With our prayer to Bhagawan for His Gracious shower of blessings on all -- We, the Board of Governors, rededicate ourselves to His ideals.


Play Ground
Music Room
Dance Room
Art Room
Computer Lab
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    Toopran - 502 334, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
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