We, at Global Educates, aim to provide comprehensive solutions to students who are on the lookout for a suitable college or school to fulfill their academic and career-related aspirations. The students can access our online portal to gather detailed information about various educational institutions in and outside India.

From providing information about the admission process, fee structure, and general facilities available in schools and colleges, to conducting pre-admission and pre-departure briefings with students applying to foreign universities, we take care of everything.

When a student gets admission abroad, we help him or her in finding accommodation in the concerned city, brief about the laws prevailing there, and also assist in learning the native language. In short, we are with the student from start to finish.

In addition to this, we also exclusively sit with parents to clear their doubts and queries. We explain them the process, help them in finishing relevant paperwork and aid in budgeting their child’s education.

We, at Global Educates, take pride in being a team of well-qualified managers, executives and consultants who have years of experience and training under their belt. Once a student is associated with us, we treat him or her like our extended family. We firmly believe that education needs to be properly planned so that the students can accomplish their goals and fulfill their aspirations.

Fierce Hound Media & Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Fierce Hound Media & Consulting is one of the fastest growing companies in the Online Media & Technology space. We are a team of young, enthusiastic professionals who understand that market needs today are constantly changing and evolving. Over the last few months we have helped numerous clients in fields as diverse as mobile telephony, real estate, online shopping portals, IT companies, education institutes and even an amusement park do better business by streamlining their processes and getting more customers via the online channel.

XcelServ Solutions Pvt Ltd

XcelServ provides a range of IT infrastructure services right from data center setup and networking to virtualization and cloud management. The company manages end-to-end delivery for the clients’ new or existing projects. XcelServ makes use of a consulting model and help its clients in making the right decision as far as the IT setup for their business goal is concerned.

Concept Research Media Tech and Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Concept Research Media are specialists in the field of market research. Concept research aims to provide actionable research solutions that are specifically directed to wars resolving specific client issues related to their product. This starts from the development of a product all the way through to its launch. The researchers at Concept Research Media are able to work with a variety of clients that range from foods and beverages, home care, telecom, finance, real estate and much more.

My Flight Search

Ever since My Flight Search began there operations, they have kept there focus upon creating a sophisticated platform for all of there users who can easily navigate through all the cities and learn more about them individually. The team comprises of some of the best experts of the travel industry who can understand the needs of you as a traveler well and who in turn help us strive to improve our offerings even better with each passing day. They also keep ourselves up to date with all the latest updates in the industry, so that they get to offer you nothing less than the very best of travel deals and offers.

Concept Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Concept Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. is as passionate about the environment as its parent company and provides consultancy services for green energy projects. We understand the importance of saving our planets natural resources and ecology so that our future generations will get to enjoy its beauty and splendor. The teams of experts at Concept Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. are well experienced in taking care of projects related to green energy as well as energy conservation.

Concept Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

The recent economic development has caused a slowdown in the construction and development market in the world. However, in India, construction and developments have seen a huge boost in contrary to global economic developments. Concept Ventures decided to play their part in the development of India through Concept Infracon Pvt. Ltd. Concept Infracon is an expert in the field of construction. They are especially proficient in heavy engineering builds and so forth. This includes massive engineering projects such as Hydro Power Projects, Bridges, Highways and many other similar Projects.


Shaping the Future...
Our mission is to help the individuals for informed decision making through the provision of high quality information and guidance. We are confident to provide end to end solutions in meeting the educational needs of individuals by providing unparalleled opportunities for shaping their careers .


In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision" - Dalai Lama

Making Search Easy

To be a centre of excellence in service industry and to inspire and inculcate values to leaner’s. We aim to become the soul of the society as it passes from one generation. To fulfil the education needs across the spectrum of individuals. We believe in shaping the careers of the aspirants. We strive for transparency in any area. We aspire to be a portal that provides minute information about education and its system.

For Us, Education Comes First!
Dr. Pradeep Tandon
Medical Education Adviser
Head of Department, Periodontology, SPIDMS

Dr. Tandon is the Head of Department of Periodontology of Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental and Medical Sciences, Lucknow. He is a social activist and has worked on various health campaigns. At Global Educates, he counsels students on careers in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Nandlal Singh
Career Adviser
Educationist and Environmentalist

Dr. Singh is a PhD holder in Human Psychology and has a total work experience of 35 years as a career counselor. He conducts campaigns to spread education in both rural and urban areas. In addition to this, he is also an active environmentalist.

Dr. B.B. Kumar
Medical Education Adviser
Former Joint Director of UP Health System Development Project (HSDP)

Dr. Kumar has an experience of 45 years in the field of medical administration and examination. He was the Chief Medical Officer of the Government of Uttar Pradesh for 15 years. He also held the post of Joint Director at UPHSDP. At Global Educates, he counsels students on careers in the field of medicine.

Mrs. Poonam Bharti
Career Adviser

Mrs. Singh is an M.Ed degree holder. She has a total work experience of 15 years in the field of education. For the last 12 years, she has been associated with Mumbai University.

A well- experienced team dedicated towards changing the face of education in India
  • Mr. Vaibhav Sinha Founder & CEO

    Mr. Sinha holds a Master’s Degree in International Marketing Management and has previously worked with leading firms like Sainsbury’s & Cooperative. He has ample experience in marketing, branding, corporate communication and building strategic partnerships.

  • Mr. Senthil Kumar Co-founder & COO

    With a double MBA degree in hand, Senthil Kumar has a work experience of more than 15 years. He has worked with leading companies like Canara HSBC and co-founder of He has exceptional team building skills and handles the technical operations division of Global Educates.

  • Mr. Sumit Nangia Chief Technical Officer

    Sumit Nangia did his MBA in Finance from MDI, Gurgaon. He has a work experience of more than 12 years and has worked with major companies like Canara HSBC and Aviva. His dynamic team management and leadership qualities make him an invaluable asset to Global Educates.

  • Mr. Gaurav Sinha Chief Business Officer

    Gaurav Sinha holds an M.Tech Degree from IIT Roorkee. He has a work experience of more than 12 years and has worked with a plethora of companies including Lanco and India Bulls. His dynamic team management techniques have streamlined this business.

  • Smita Mathur Head - Research

    Smita Mathur handles the market research division and works towards reducing obstacles that stifle business growth. She has a work experience of 10 years in market research, project planning, financial planning, and client interfacing and has worked with major companies including IMRB and Evalueserve.

  • Amrita Ranjan Head - Publication

    Amrita Ranjan holds a Master’s degree in Zoology from BHU and has a total work experience of 11 years. She previously worked with NCL and now handles client servicing in Global Educates. Her skills and pleasing personality make her a boon for Global Educates.

Global Educates provides a platform to students searching for a suitable school or college. The company’s online portal provides detailed information about various educational institutions, the courses offered by them, their admission process, fee structure, and other facilities provided by them.

In addition to this, GE also helps students in selecting colleges abroad that fit their requirements and of course, budget. In such a scenario, experts at the company will help the student in finishing the paperwork required to get admission in the concerned country. They will also familiarise him or her to the country - basic laws followed, places to see, etc.

When a student gets admission abroad, we help him or her in finding accommodation in the concerned city, brief about the laws prevailing there, and also assist in learning the native language. In short, we are with the student from start to finish.

GE takes pride in having a team of qualified and experienced executives and consultants adept at handling all education-related queries. From providing information about student loans and insurance plans to solving doubts of the student’s family, everything is taken care of by them.

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