10 Tips to crack online exams


Imagine you have marked a wrong answer on the OMR sheet which, no matter how long you regret, cannot be changed. What if it could be edited and re-edited before you finally submit your answer-sheet? That is what an online exam gives you. From past few years, many competitive exams in India are being conducted online. It is an entirely different experience as compared to a pen and paper based test. The online exams offer multiple advantages to both the organisers of the exam and as well as the ones appearing for it. Not only they substantially cut down the expenses of printing and paper usage, they also cut down the time, which is spent or rather wasted on the hassles like question paper and answer sheet distribution. The exam papers can be customised as per the preferred language of the user easily. They are highly confidential and thus leaking of question paper does not happen and hence the exam need not to be re-scheduled. For the user, it is a blessing as they no longer need to appear according to the date and time set by the organisers instead they can choose their time slots accordingly. Having said that, it is equally true that these exams are an ordeal for the first time users. (Click here to read about 10 Career Options for you after Graduation)

So before appearing for any such exam it is necessary to have a know-how about them. So, here are some tips that will help you to understand their procedures which, in turn, will save you from committing mistakes or wasting time on the unimportant things while giving the exam.

10 tips

  1. Get comfortable with computer

If you are among the ones who know the basics of a computer, but do not use it frequently then it is very important for you to spend some time on a computer daily as you are heading towards the exam. This will help you to get hold of the mouse and clicking at the right place, in the right way. As a result, you would not be wasting your time wandering your cursor to get at the right intended place on the screen. This indeed in itself is a time-consuming process otherwise.

  1. Always let the page get fully loaded while answering the questions

We are so accustomed to the fast-paced lifestyle, that most of us lack patience. But, while giving an exam, you really need it. Allow the page to get fully loaded while putting questions, otherwise some questions might not get loaded. You will not be able to view those questions and hence will be left unanswered.

  1. Take online test series

It is recommended that you should take few online test series before you attempt your actual exam. This will help you in many ways. It will give you a realistic environment of giving the actual exam. Also, you will learn to manage your time so that you finish your exam well in time and also have some extra time in which you can re-check your marked answers. Besides, it will offer you great practice for the exam.

  1. Read exam instructions carefully

You must always utilise few minutes to read the instructions carefully as it will tell you about the different symbols and their significations. Also, how many times you can re-attempt a question or whether you can answer the questions regardless of their sequence. All such queries can be easily handled if you are thorough with the instructions.

  1. Click ‘Save’ after every answer

You must save every answer after attempting and marking the correct option. It might be possible that the computer might not save it automatically, so the question might remain unanswered in that case. If you make any changes to your marked answer, then also save it again after the modifications.

  1. Contact your instructor if you accidently quit the exam

In case of accidently quitting your exam, you must immediately inform and take help from the instructor. If the exam is being given at home, you must have the helpline number in hand, if any such mishap happens.

  1. Do not panic in case of technical glitch

Technical glitches can happen to anyone, anytime, no matter how important your work may be. So you should always be calmer and rather than panicking, go and seek help about what went wrong. Because your panicking will not help you, right actions will.


  1. Have a strategy- any strategy

Always prepare a strategy for attempting the exam. It is like before embarking on a journey, you have the destination enlisted according to your priority. Which section you are going to attempt first or what to keep for last, it should all be well-prepared. That will save you a lot of time that you spend in choosing the sections and questions, once you have the entire question paper in front of you.


  1. Set the deadline for each question

In online exams, there will not be any examiner screaming over your head about the left time. Add to the woe, the timer out at the top right or left corner will make you panic every moment, but all this can be avoided if you set a time limit for each question. By doing so, you will not have the pressure of running short of time. Instead, you can easily do everything well in time and even save some time for revision. It takes just a bit of planning beforehand, but it helps you in great manner. Time- management is indeed crucial for success.

  1. Spend some time to re-check your answers

There are chances that you may have mistakenly clicked on the wrong option even when you know the right one. What to do in such case? This issue can be easily solved only if you have reserved time for revision. Therefore, you must always have 10-15 minutes reserved for re-checking your marked answers, so that there shall be no regrets later.



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