5 Most Promising Careers of this Century.

For some, career is a passion and for some, career is just their livelihood. Both groups need proper career planning to achieve their goal. In this highly competitive world, pre-planning of career is a necessity. Excelling in a field require talents and skills. The young generation have wide range of career choices, from which they can choose which suits their knacks.

One can see many career enhancement campaigns conducted all over the country. They introduce courses and related careers offered by different universities all over the world. Even if a person finds a career unsuitable for him/her, they can change the field. This blog will be useful for those people who are eager in pre-planning and executing the plans on time to achieve the ultimate goal.

The 5 Most Promising Careers for You

5 most promising careers, each from different fields are listed below. Go through them and find out which suits your skills.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

The best technology career that is showing an employment growth rate of 21% faster than all other average occupations, during 2014-2024 period is the Computer System Analyst. This statistics is according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. For this job, you need to put your IT skills and business knowledge into the field.

The salary graph also shows a steep increase from the year 2006 towards the end of 2015. There is a much larger scope in this field. The job is more stress free and flexible with great career growth opportunities. The market demand for professionals in this field is also very high.

All you need to do is to get career-oriented training from the initial level. Many employers look for a certificate course along with bachelor’s or master’s degree.


      2. Anaesthesiologist

Anaesthesiologists are physicians trained in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine. Although we can see many anaesthesiologists working inside the operation theatres only, their expertise in the field is a necessity. Anaesthesia is a blessing to humanity. The job market demand is also growing dramatically these years.

Once you are an expert in this field, your demand proportionally increases. Those who are interested in the medical field can go for this.


3. Software Developer

Software developer careers are most common and discussed profession all over the world. One needs to be creative as well as tech savvy in order to become a good developer. The employment growth rate is 19% during 2014-2024 according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Once you achieve a successful career growth in this field, your salary package will also drastically increase. For those who love programming, this career is the perfect choice.


      4. Statistician

The method of making decisions using certain datas is called statistics. This is an interesting career for those who love Mathematics. You need to collect data on specific topics, analyze and research on it and have to bring a perfect decision for the issue or field. The employment growth rate is 34% and salary package is also very high.

The job satisfaction from this career is above average with low stress and greater upward mobility. The foremost thing required to excel in this field is to love the job.


      5. Lawyer

Lawyer is a career choice for persons who are interested in Law and Order of a nation. The professional education fee is also less when compared with other jobs. Although this career shows only an employment growth rate of 6%, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that there will be a future opening of 43,800 new jobs towards the end of 2024.