5 of the Most Common Mistakes College Students Make

  1. Blindly following the “Trend”


A common mistake made by the students who are done with their school is the choice of the stream they want to pursue as a career. The choice of the course is a career defining moment for every student. So, a student has to be very careful while choosing a career path and should not follow someone else’s advice just because that particular stream has more job opportunities. One should do what their ‘heart’ says and the same applies for the career path. Every student should pursue his/her passion and try to make a career on something that interests them, rather than what their distant relative advices them to.

  1. Choice of College

India, being such a vast and diverse country has a plethora of colleges, be it private or government-aided. But a significant proportion of all the colleges in India do not provide quality education. A student should do proper research about his/her desired college before taking admission. The college should be recognised by the government bodies like the UGC and should have an approval by the AICTE, if the college deals in technical education.  The student should also look at the track record of the institute and try getting in touch with its alumni.

  1. Doing what the “Parents” say

Every Indian parent has a lot of expectations from their child. They want their child to do well and want them to follow a career where there is job safety and decent income. But parents don’t realise that their and their ward’s dreams can be very different.  Indian parents are very reserved when it comes to allowing their child to explore his/her career options. They want their child to follow the tried and tested formula. But following this advice has made a lot of students’ life miserable. So, a student should listen to what their parents are saying and should give it a thought, but ultimately should pursue something they are passionate about.

  1. No Extra-curricular Activities

School lives are considered to be the happiest phase of a student’s life with less pressure, friendly environment and a lot of friends. But after entering college, lifestyles of students change. A lot of students give co-curricular activities a backseat and start focussing too much on their studies. Doing extra-curricular activities like playing sports, singing, dancing, quizzing is a very important aspect of a student’s life. It helps in keeping the mind fresh and active. Doing activities like debate, MUN helps in the overall personality development of a student.

  1. Getting into Bad Habits


This is a very common scenario among the students, especially those who come to new cities and leave their hometowns for higher studies. Some students feel like capitalising the most on the sudden freedom they get. They try new things and gradually they start frequently smoking or drinking. This turns into a habit and might lead to other habits which are worse. So, new students should always be careful while choosing their friends.