6 Top Courses you wish your college offered

With another academic year coming to an end, its time to look back and ponder over the choices you have made academically. While many of you may feel that your course is the best decision of your life, some of you may even regret that decision. Quite interestingly, there are quite a few courses that are so quirky that it is hard not to be impressed by them.


Here is a list of 6 top courses you wish your college offered! Read on.


  • Ghost Tales from China and Japan

This is more like a film-appreciation course but instead of films, students study the context of stories. Students who take this course get to connect ghost stories from Tokugawa, Japan and the Late Imperial China to that of the modern Asian societies.

 Top Course available at Johns Hopkins University.


  • Deaf Culture

 As the name suggests, this course focuses on the deaf community and is based on the lectures given by noteworthy deaf artists and leaders. The medium of teaching this course is English. Students are also allowed to talk with one another.

Course available at Ithaca College.


  • The Art of Walking

Who knew that there was a particular way of walking? Turns out, there is! This course originated in 2002 when Dr. C. Kenneth Keffer Jr., the course professor, saw that ‘walking as a form of transportation’ is conveniently overlooked. Students who pursue this course walk, walk and walk!

Course available at Centre College.


  • Chemistry of Wine

This one is for wine lovers as the course teaches the entire method of winemaking. Students learn about questions like where wine came from, how it is made, and what is its cultural significance. This course is open to all age groups.

 Course available at Temple University.


  • Human-Robot Interaction

This is perhaps the future as students get to study the socially interactive robots. The students understand the social relationships of humans with the machines. As a part of the final project, the students are supposed to submit a research that is worth getting published.

Course available at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • English Riding

Ride a horse like an Englishman is the main motto of this course. Divided into four parts, the students are taught how to ride a horse and are given additional classes on horse health, grooming, hoof care and horse health. They are also taught proper techniques for jumping fences and trotting.

Course available at Alfred University.


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