Advantages of a Gap Year

The concept of taking a gap year is still pretty unheard of in India as we’re all trained to know exactly what we want to do with our lives by age 5 and, if that doesn’t happen, we’re conveniently compartmentalized in schools according to ‘streams’ of study and can choose our career options on the basis of the subjects we get. While the pressure to have all the answers before you’re an adult is still pretty prevalent, the plethora of options available today make it hard to pick out a career option that is the most suitable. This is where the gap year comes in. Here are some reasons why a gap year might just be the best thing you do for yourself:


You’ve got time to think about your strengths.

You aptitude and the way you think matter much more than your academic strengths when you’re working. To be honest, your boss won’t care about the 90% you got in your boards or the college project you really aced as much as how well you can think on your feet and what you bring to the table.

By taking a gap year, you can figure out what you’re really good at. Take the time to polish your talents by taking classes that can compliment them. For instance, if your notebooks are filled with more doodles than actual notes, perhaps you should look into a short graphic design course to see if this is something you’ll want to pursue. Similarly, you can spend the time learning new things that, even if you don’t end up pursuing them, can come in handy later in life.


You’ve got time to think about your options.

Once you’ve figured out all the things you’re good at, it’s time to also see how these talents branch out in terms of a career. With newer strides being made in technology every day, colleges are branching out their courses to meet the needs of students from all walks of life. Creative as well as technical courses can now be applied in various fields.

By taking a gap year, you can figure out the number of options you have, the kinds of colleges in the country and abroad that offer the courses you’re interested in and also figure out the kinds of tests you need to give before applying to them.


You’re a year older and wiser.

Hopefully, by taking a gap year, you’ll have enough time to get to know yourself a little better and grow as an individual. This will help you make well informed decisions about the future and will also help you stick to the decisions you’ve made (if you’ve done ample research, that is).

Taking a gap year can easily be one of the best things you do for yourself if you are unsure about what career to pursue and the colleges you want to apply to.


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