What Essential Qualities Make An Excellent Engineer?


An engineer is a scientifically trained professional, who is able to design and develop products such as software, machines, structures etc. In other words, an engineer is a person responsible for all technological innovations.

We cannot count and list down the qualities of an engineer. He/she may have infinite skills and knacks that differ from person to person. Although, some of the qualities of a great engineer are given below for your reference.

1) Attention to detail
An ideal engineer must possess attention to even minute details. A minute carelessness can destroy the entire project. No matter in which stream you are specialized, the responsibility is the same.

2) Strong analytical skill
An outstanding engineer has strong analytical skills that aids in solving problems easily. They will be in a constant analysis of issues and bugs arising from their products and fix them. Engineers also consider the future queries or problems that may arise after the product delivery and take necessary steps.

3) Excellent Communication skill
Communication skill is not simply the fluency in language. It involves the translation of technical details into native language or English by how a layman can understand. He/she must be able to communicate well with the clients as well as colleagues.

4) Updated about innovations
A true engineer even after his UG or PG will show interest in updating themselves with the new technological innovations and discoveries. They will be very enthusiastic about the innovations.

5) Logical thinking
The prime difference between a common man and an engineer is the ability to think logically. Problem solving requires supreme logical thinking ability. Without this quality, one cannot become a good engineer.

6) Innovative as well as creative
Innovation and creation relates very close to each other. For a good innovation, the engineer must be creative. They need to think of future possibilities that may seem impossible in the present.

7) Team player
Team work leads to success. Engineers work in teams to fulfil a project. It is through co-ordination of different ideas from the team members, a new product is developed.

8) Tech savvy
The term ‘tech savvy’ is quite familiar to all. An engineer must have strong technical knowledge not only in his/her own sector but also in devices that is used in the project development.

9) Great Mathematical skills
Mathematics is the core subject that is applicable in all the areas of engineering. An engineer must have the excellent mathematical skills. He/she must be able to break down the complexities in a large problem into smaller ones and solve it with ease.

10) Good problem solving skill
It is common in a project or in an industry for problems to arise. Hence, an engineer must have the knack of solving those issues arising in the industry. The problems may include bug fixes, servicing of a machine, maintenance of a structure etc. These issues need to be fixed within specific time limits that add to the quality of an engineer.

If you are a student who foresees your career in Engineering, make sure that you can acquire the above mentioned qualities flawlessly. Some are knacks and some are skills. Knacks need to be in one’s blood and skill can be obtained by training.

Top 5 Education blogs in India

Today, we are discussing about the top 5 education blogs in India. Whenever you enter a keyword in your search engine, the links leading to blogs appear. Blogs are everywhere. They can be written based on many varied topics. Among them education blogs brings you information about the educational opportunities, courses, careers etc.



1) Global Educates
Global Educates is one of its kind in education blogs by revealing valuable information to the public. They help students to find suitable schools, colleges or career-related courses whether in India or abroad. One can rely on global educates for the steps from enquiry to admission and to fee structures. This organization treats every student as a family member and do the best for his/her better future. Global Educates is a trustworthy organization.

2) Propel Steps
Propel steps bring posts on many different topics. It acts as a platform for good discussions and knowledge sharing. Everyone has the right to think and share their thoughts. The blog is so unique such that it gives a link between education and life. This blog brings a positive message to the public. The reviews and thoughts in this blog are very useful for an information savvy person.

3) Educational Initiatives blog
The blog started in the year 2001. With good experience in this field, they provide proper education for students by giving personalized learning classes in order in order to ensure that each student is able to understand everything. The blog is working in co-ordination with Google, World Bank, Duke University, Azim Premji foundation etc.

4) MCQ Biology
The blog is offering multiple choice questions related to biology. MCQ Biology aims at developing student IQ and awareness in the subject of Biology. The topic of discussion includes many subjects. The dedicated MCQ biology team members comes with new and new questions every day without making the students bored. This is an awesome education blog that is worthy to be followed.

5) Learn, Out of the box
Learn, Out of the box is a blog that encourage public to make education an exciting task. They focus in enhancing classrooms by varied learning excercises and activities. This blog talks about teacher’s training, troubleshooting, study material preparation etc. Their motive in making education interesting to students by incorporating technology to education is worthy to be appreciated.
The above given are the top 5 education blogs in India.

5 Most Promising Careers of this Century.

For some, career is a passion and for some, career is just their livelihood. Both groups need proper career planning to achieve their goal. In this highly competitive world, pre-planning of career is a necessity. Excelling in a field require talents and skills. The young generation have wide range of career choices, from which they can choose which suits their knacks.

One can see many career enhancement campaigns conducted all over the country. They introduce courses and related careers offered by different universities all over the world. Even if a person finds a career unsuitable for him/her, they can change the field. This blog will be useful for those people who are eager in pre-planning and executing the plans on time to achieve the ultimate goal.

The 5 Most Promising Careers for You

5 most promising careers, each from different fields are listed below. Go through them and find out which suits your skills.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

The best technology career that is showing an employment growth rate of 21% faster than all other average occupations, during 2014-2024 period is the Computer System Analyst. This statistics is according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. For this job, you need to put your IT skills and business knowledge into the field.

The salary graph also shows a steep increase from the year 2006 towards the end of 2015. There is a much larger scope in this field. The job is more stress free and flexible with great career growth opportunities. The market demand for professionals in this field is also very high.

All you need to do is to get career-oriented training from the initial level. Many employers look for a certificate course along with bachelor’s or master’s degree.


      2. Anaesthesiologist

Anaesthesiologists are physicians trained in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine. Although we can see many anaesthesiologists working inside the operation theatres only, their expertise in the field is a necessity. Anaesthesia is a blessing to humanity. The job market demand is also growing dramatically these years.

Once you are an expert in this field, your demand proportionally increases. Those who are interested in the medical field can go for this.


3. Software Developer

Software developer careers are most common and discussed profession all over the world. One needs to be creative as well as tech savvy in order to become a good developer. The employment growth rate is 19% during 2014-2024 according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Once you achieve a successful career growth in this field, your salary package will also drastically increase. For those who love programming, this career is the perfect choice.


      4. Statistician

The method of making decisions using certain datas is called statistics. This is an interesting career for those who love Mathematics. You need to collect data on specific topics, analyze and research on it and have to bring a perfect decision for the issue or field. The employment growth rate is 34% and salary package is also very high.

The job satisfaction from this career is above average with low stress and greater upward mobility. The foremost thing required to excel in this field is to love the job.


      5. Lawyer

Lawyer is a career choice for persons who are interested in Law and Order of a nation. The professional education fee is also less when compared with other jobs. Although this career shows only an employment growth rate of 6%, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that there will be a future opening of 43,800 new jobs towards the end of 2024.






The Indian Institute of Technology located in Powai, Mumbai is considered to be the best engineering college in India, across all branches. Founded in 1958, with the aid provided by the UNESCO through the Soviet Union, IIT B has shown immense growth over the years. The institute is famous for the engineering courses in streams such as Computer Science, Electrical, Aerospace etc. The campus boasts of excellent facilities like swimming pools, cricket, football and hockey grounds and is in close proximity with nature, as it is surrounded by Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the Powai Lake.


The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is considered among the pioneers of technical education in India. Located in the posh locality of Hauz Khas, this institute came into existence in the year 1960 with the help of the British government and Delhi Technological University. Branches of engineering like Chemical, Civil and Mechanical are considered to be the best branches of this institute. Set up in a sprawling 325 acre campus, it is surrounded by historical monuments such as the Qutub Minar and the Lotus Temple.


The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur was established in 1959 by the assistance of a group of nine top US Research Universities under the Kanpur Indo-American Programme. Computer Science, Electrical and Mechanical are the better engineering branches of this institute. Moved to its current location in Grand Trunk Road in 1963, the massive campus made on around 1000 acres of land. The institute has set up an office in New York City, in order to recruit skilled and experienced faculty from abroad.


The Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur established in 1951 by the Government of India, was the first IIT to get established. The institute has the largest campus among all the IIT’s, the most number of students enrolled and also the most number of departments. Branches like Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science generates the most amount of interest among the students who want to be a part of this Institute.


Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani is among the finest institutes of technical education in India and is the best private institute in the country for engineering. Established in 1964 by Mr. G.D Birla after merging the Birla group of Colleges, the institute is set up in a lavish campus of 990 acres. The students of this institute have access to brilliant facilities like all types of outdoor sports, gym, library etc. The institute offers four-year integrated first degree courses in varied streams like engineering, technology and pharmacy.

For more information regarding the top educational institutes, visit us at: Global Educates




‘Father of the Indian Nation’  Mahatma Gandhi, Our first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, the man who laid down the framework of Indian Constitution Dr. B. R. Ambedkar…..they all studied in foreign countries. Today, Indian students are eagerly in search for a perfect foreign study location that helps them excel not only in their studies but also in their career.

There are many reasons behind this migration to a foreign country for education and career growth. One of the main reasons is the increased population of our country and the competition level. The seats in colleges are limited and because of that even brilliant students will not get admissions. Another reason is the courses foreign universities offer. Many students will start searching and reasearching on subjects they like even from the high schools itself.

We are listing here the top 5 foreign study locations that is suitable to Indian Students;

  • USA

No doubt majority of students opt to study in USA.  Student life in the USA is very ease going one and the courses you get from the top universities are the most beneficial one. With the high valued  degree from the top American Institutions, a candidate will not find it difficult to get a good profile job. Here I am listing the most featured American Institutions that are ranked Internationally as indicated below.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – 1st
  2. Harvard University – 2nd
  3. Stanford University – 3rd
  4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – 5th
  5. University of Chicago – 10th

  • UK

The United Kingdom is another perfect location for Indian Students. The classes are taken in English, with the accent familiar to Indians. It makes the students feel more comfortable when they are being exposed to a different culture for the first time. When compared with USA, education costs are lower in UK. Loans/ Scholarships and work oppurtunities also make the UK one of the most favoured study location for Indian Students.

  • Australia

The third most popular study location after the US and UK is Australia.  Australia welcomes students to the country wholeheartedly. The country is rich in cultural diversity, friendly natives and quality of education. Australia offers students with part time work oppurtunities along with their studies. The tuition fees are affordable for students from India.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand with its most beautiful nature and pleasant climate attracts students towards the country. English being the first language, students can easily follow up the lectures and travel around the city. New Zealand encourages students with stay back oppurtunities and PR for successful candidates. This may be the most important factor that attract Indian Students towards the country.

  • Canada

Canada is slowly making its way to become the most preferred study location by Indian students. They offer great study oppurtunities, that too in an affordable fee to students. Students are also showing a keen interest to study in Canada.  The Top 5 Universities in Canada are;

  1. McGill University
  2. University of Torronto
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University of Alberta
  5. McMaster University

5 Most Beautiful College Campuses in World

College life is the most beautiful period in one’s life. That phase in life is the turning point in education, career, ethics etc. So it is utmost important to study in a college that gives equal importance in academics and ambience. Here, the world’s top 5 most beautiful campuses are given. If you are searching for colleges that match your preferences, you can find it here.

  1. University of Minnesota

1)	University-of-Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is locally known as the U of M, located at Minnesota and St. Paul, Minnesota which are nearby cities. The college is not only famous for its excellent academic section but also for its amazing campus. The campus attracts students with the great facilities like the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, Pillsbury Hall which is the oldest building on the campus and the beautiful bridge that connects East and West coasts. Students can cross the Mississippi river through this bridge. Surely this campus will stay in your mind forever once you visit it.


2. North-western University

With a campus space of 231 acres, North-western University is situated in the city of Evanston.  The location of this campus adds more to its beauty. Throughout the year, students there can enjoy the beauty and breeze of the Lake Michigan. The North- Western University greets students by The Arch that is in the front entrance of the campus. With its late 1800’s architecture, one can feel like going back into the 19th century.

2)	North-western-University


3. Sweet Briar College

Sweet Briar College is situated in Sweet Briar, Virginia in the US. This is a women’s liberal arts college with beautiful campus and eminent academics. Janet Lee Bouvier, Teresa Tomlinson, Diana Muldaur and Molly Haskell are some of the famous alumni of Sweet Briar College.  The college is located at the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains. The 130 acres Equestrian Centre draw attention of natives as well as foreigners.



4. University of California-Santa Cruz

The vast campus lies in 2001 acres at the edge of the coastal community of Santa Cruz. One can get the view of forested hills overlooking Monterey bay and the Pacific Ocean. This institution is a perfect destination for students who wish to spend their weekends in the beach sides and goof around the redwoods.



5. Furman University

One can see the elegant Georgian architecture here in the Furman University. The campus is in Greenville, South Carolina. Bell Tower is the most amazing part of the University that stands as a classical landmark. Buildings in the campus are surrounded by a beautiful lake. The place is named by the American Society of Landscape Architecture as one of the most beautiful places in the USA.


If you find any of these college campuses interesting, let us know. We help you reach there.

5 of the Most Common Mistakes College Students Make

  1. Blindly following the “Trend”


A common mistake made by the students who are done with their school is the choice of the stream they want to pursue as a career. The choice of the course is a career defining moment for every student. So, a student has to be very careful while choosing a career path and should not follow someone else’s advice just because that particular stream has more job opportunities. One should do what their ‘heart’ says and the same applies for the career path. Every student should pursue his/her passion and try to make a career on something that interests them, rather than what their distant relative advices them to.

  1. Choice of College

India, being such a vast and diverse country has a plethora of colleges, be it private or government-aided. But a significant proportion of all the colleges in India do not provide quality education. A student should do proper research about his/her desired college before taking admission. The college should be recognised by the government bodies like the UGC and should have an approval by the AICTE, if the college deals in technical education.  The student should also look at the track record of the institute and try getting in touch with its alumni.

  1. Doing what the “Parents” say

Every Indian parent has a lot of expectations from their child. They want their child to do well and want them to follow a career where there is job safety and decent income. But parents don’t realise that their and their ward’s dreams can be very different.  Indian parents are very reserved when it comes to allowing their child to explore his/her career options. They want their child to follow the tried and tested formula. But following this advice has made a lot of students’ life miserable. So, a student should listen to what their parents are saying and should give it a thought, but ultimately should pursue something they are passionate about.

  1. No Extra-curricular Activities

School lives are considered to be the happiest phase of a student’s life with less pressure, friendly environment and a lot of friends. But after entering college, lifestyles of students change. A lot of students give co-curricular activities a backseat and start focussing too much on their studies. Doing extra-curricular activities like playing sports, singing, dancing, quizzing is a very important aspect of a student’s life. It helps in keeping the mind fresh and active. Doing activities like debate, MUN helps in the overall personality development of a student.

  1. Getting into Bad Habits


This is a very common scenario among the students, especially those who come to new cities and leave their hometowns for higher studies. Some students feel like capitalising the most on the sudden freedom they get. They try new things and gradually they start frequently smoking or drinking. This turns into a habit and might lead to other habits which are worse. So, new students should always be careful while choosing their friends.



Make use of the Management Consulting in your business

Management Consulting is the method of helping organizations to excel in their business by analysing the existing problem and providing a better solution. Nowadays, every business consults a management consultancy to solve their issues. These organizations include businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.




Your business can benefit from a management consultancy in many ways. The reason for you to hire a management consultancy is that they think and work on your behalf for your business elaboration. People who are involved in consulting will be very intelligent enough to analyze the problem, bring about a solution and to communicate professionally with the clients.
Management Consultancies provide services from recruitment to crisis management. A management consulting firm offers services in several fields. Some of them are;
•Strategy Consulting
•IT specialists
•Internal Consulting
•Boutique Consulting
•Independent Consulting

The strategy consulting firms helps organizations to build up a business strategy in order to develop their business or overcome any issues. The consultants gather information about your business. Do a detailed study and research about the field and comes out with a solution. They can also determine the areas of business in which the organization need to concentrate for a better ROI.
IT specialists provide services to an organization in IT sector. This firm needs more consultants when compared to accounting and boutique consultants. One example of the job they are performing is helping the company or employees with installing and using a CRM software or ERP, or else give instructions on encrypting the data for protection or to back up the data.
Internal Consultants usually deals with one client and one employer. That is the company will have their own consulting wing. They will be responsible for all the business operations. From time to time they need to come up with ideas for improving the business. Many large business groups assign Internal Consulting to do these jobs for them.
Boutique consulting firm specializes in a particular area or field of business. They need to focus on a company’s specific requirement and work on it. The areas include Human resource, IT or sometimes outsourcing.
Independent consulting firm is not functioning under a major organization. This type of consulting may be operating individually or with a very small group consisting of 5-6 members or so. Usually the team members will be experienced professionals who had previously worked with a large venture.
Global Educates provide all management consulting services required for your business. Please contact us for all your business needs.



Top 10 universities to study abroad

Top 10 International Universities

It is every student’s dream to graduate from a reputed university. Acadamic  certificate gained from such university is a golden mark on the student’s educational history. When an undergraduate desires to get admission in such an educational institute choosing the best often leaves the student wonder which is the best univerty. So, for them here is a list of top 10 universities; highlights about each have been mentioned.

Initially the task looks tough so, here is a vital guidance that will help one in selecting the perfect university; that will fit completely as per a student’s expectation.

The university will rank you based on your academic performance so before getting admission judge the university by going through its honours and achievements. 

Following are some tool ideas that will help you.

  • University ranking
  • University rating which is based on the performance of university in key areas including graduate employability, teaching quality and research quality.
  • Comments by experts and their speculation regarding future development
  • Attend university fairs and meet representatives to get a clearer idea about the life that you will live in the university during your learning period.
  • Study a bit about the location with respect to climate, language spoken, social sense, sports, music etc.

Times Higher Education (THE) which is formerly known as Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) is a London based weekly magazine that reports news regarding higher education.

Times Higher Education (THE) has used 13 individual performance indicators for judging world class universities considering their core mission which includes research, international outlook, and knowledge transfer. The THE ranking examines a university’s teaching, ambience including the learning environment, student ratio, teaching resource and more.

The Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2015-2016 have listed down best global universities based on each of their research, teaching, international outlook and knowledge transfer.

University – Country

  1. California Institute of Technology – United States 

California-Institute-of-Technology                                                                                 1.	California Institute of Technology

 Honoured with

  • Nobel Laureates
  • National Medal of Science
  • National Medal of Technology and Innovation
  • National Academies Memberships

  1. University of Oxford – United Kingdom


The university has

  • 44 colleges & halls
  • 100 libraries (It is the biggest library system in UK)
  • An alumni network of more than 250,000 individuals
  • 120 olympis medallists
  • 26 Nobel Prize winners
  • 7 poets laureate

More than 30 world leaders including 26 UK Prime Ministers have graduated from this university.


  1. Stanford University – United States



  • 21 Nobel laureates

Alumni includes

  • 17 astronauts
  • 18 Turing award recipients
  • 2 fields medallists
  • 38 new campus

  1. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom


This university has 800 years of history which makes it the 4th oldest university.


  • Nobel Prize have honoured 92 associates of the university
  • 150 faculties
  • 6 schools including Art and Humanities

Biological sciences

Clinical Medicine

Physical Sciences and Technology

Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – United States 


Stars of this university

  • 85 Nobel Laureates
  • 58 National Medal of Science winners
  • 29 National Medal of Technology & Innovation winners
  • 45 MacArthur Fellows
  • Top alumni is Kofi Annan ( former secretary-general of the United Nations)

  1. Harvard University – United States 


The most prominent university of United States. John F. Kennedy (1956) is among those 13 US presidents who have graduated from Harvard.

Its faculty membershave been awarded with Nobel prize, they include

  • Chemist Martin Karplus
  • Economist Alvin Roth
  • Notable alumni of Haward is Al Gore, former US vice-president, he was honoured with Peace Prize in the year 2007

  1. Princeton University – United States 


It is known as the world’s chief research university. It has association with  over

  • 40 Nobel laureates
  • 17 winners of the National Medal of Science
  • 5 receiver of the National Humanities Medal

Its faculty members are honoured with Nobel Prize, they include

  • Chemists Tomas Lindahl & Osamu Shimomura
  • Economists Paul Krugman & Angus Deaton
  • Physicists Arthur McDonald & David Gross.

  1. Imperial College – London United Kingdom


Imperial College London is UK’s leading institution which focuses mainly on four areas engineering, science, business and medicine. The college has near to

  • 15,000 students
  • 8,000 staff
  • Its staff includes 14 Nobel Prize winners,one of them being Sir Alexander Fleming (inventor of penicillin)

  1. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland

Albert Einstein graduated in 1901 – To get admission in this reputed institute one has to pass an entrance exam and for Swiss citizens a matriculation certificate is enough

  1. University of Chicago – United States


 The university has always made headlines for providing supreme academic facilities. It is associated with

  • 80 plus Nobel laureates
  • 30 National Medal winners in all fields
  • 9 Fields Medallists
  • It has been honoured with nearly 50 MacArthur “genius grants”

As you are set to create a milestone in your academic field, do a bit homework and choose the best place where your qualities will be polished so that you be one-of-a-kind.

College Application

Political Science as a Major

College Application

The bookish definition of Political Science defines the subject as the study of partisan values, organisations, progressions, and policies. The values like power, authority, rules, constitutions and laws are dissected by various Political Scientists to understand the underlying ways in which these affect our lives. The study of political science is one of the most important courses. On top of providing knowledge about the scenario, it also prepares one for life as an informed citizen, ready to participate in political activities within interest groups or political parties; related to community organisation and political advocacy; or even service as an elected or appointed official.

Political science is the study of people and societies struggling with great and enduring issues such as war and peace, order and freedom, and justice and equality. Understanding how and why those issues are resolved, or fail to be resolved, is at the heart of education in political science.

Employability Skills:

Studying politics encourages the development of both specific and transferable skills. You gain a clear understanding of politics, whether it is domestic, international or a combination of both. Political science helps you to develop reasoning and analytic skills, and to arrive at decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data, build competence in oral and written expression, research and evaluation skills, which a revalued in a wide spectrum of potential career areas.

Formal Education:

Schools begin teaching political science in the form of civics as part of the social studies curriculum in secondary school. Political science is offered on its own for the first time in plus two/ PUC. The bachelor’s degree in political science with a major or honours, and then the master’s degree provides adequate coverage of political science. A bachelor’s degree in politics offers direct access to PGPs in Political Science, International Relations, International Affairs, Global Polities, Defence Strategic Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, Public Administration, and allied subjects. Political science is a very useful base for professional education in law, social work, teacher training, journalism, public relations or development studies.

Prospects: Teaching, research and publishing are typical occupations for the political scientist. Studying political science can also lead to careers in the government, in law, business, international organisations, non­governmental organisations or not-for-profit organisations, Although, a career in politics could be considered a typical opportunity for a political scientist, it is not a must. Campaigns and elections are one of the more obvious career choices.

Traditional campaign jobs are generally found through individuals and local parties. Volunteering for a campaign or a local party will help you to get a paid position later. Careers in campaign management are cyclical as they come and go with election schedules, but there are on-going opportunities with consulting firms or a political action committee of an interest group. Political science a very useful base for a career in social work, human rights, social or political research and urban planning.

Future Outlook:

Politics affects virtually every aspect of our lives, including the availability of education, jobs, housing and healthcare. Whether countries are at war or at peace depends both on what governments do and who supports them. The demand f or political science research is growing because of increasing interest in politics, foreign affairs, and public policy, including social and environmental policy issues, healthcare, and immigration.

Some Suggested Institutes:

Institute for Social and Economic Change

Bangalore University, Bangalore

Centre for Multi-disciplinary Development Research (CMDR), Dharwad

Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi

Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla

Jawaharlal Nehru University