Best lesson learned outside the classroom

Teachers are the precious gifts of the gods. They are tolerant, kind and firm. A teacher doesn’t only mean a teacher in the classroom who teaches you Science, Maths, English, etc. It can be your parents or your siblings or your relatives. Anyone can be a teacher; even an outsider can be a teacher who can teach you the lesson of your life.
It was a sunny day, and I was in 5th grade. I was on my way of lunch. Lunch was only two periods away from the end of the day. I sat with my friends for a lunch and we were having a conversation about studies. All of a sudden a bunch of jerky seniors came to ruin my day. They poured cranberry juice on me and my friends. When I came home, a huge cloud of dust landed on me. I couldn’t control my anger. It was our maid who was cleaning the house. I stared angrily at her. She apologized but I was not in a mood to accept her apology. All of a sudden I saw my mother. She was looking at me with piercing eyes. I told her everything. My mother said that she had heard everything and whatever I did was not correct.


She said, “Why you were so rude to a woman who is as old as your grandmother is? And after seeing me, you started complaining about her. If you respect your seniors, your next generation will respect you. Today your behaviour was very bad”.
Always remember, you should respect your elders. You have to understand this at a very young age. I realized my mistake and I apologize our maid. My maid smiled and said it’s ok. On that day, I learned the most important lesson of my life.
These are the kind of lesson which a teacher outside your classroom will teach you. Whenever you feel that someone is trying to teach you something good, grasp it. Remember, whenever someone you trust tries to teach you something, it is for your own good.