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The tradition of completing one’s education first and then seeking a job has long become obsolete. Many students today are preferring to acquire sufficient work experience before they proceed to get that last feather added to their cap of educational qualifications. If you are still wondering whether this small turn in your path can really accelerate your progress or not, you need to question your doubts.

You might be an outstanding student and score the highest marks, but if you are thinking that you can get far with just your grades, you are probably living in the wrong century. Given the high levels of competition that has crept into every field in the world today, it becomes very important to gain a mark of distinction. Besides, it shows whether you are just ‘studying hard’, or actually ‘working hard’ towards your goal. It is in fact one of the most important career building tips.

It becomes more crucial when you are opting for a business course, like an MBA, which requires you to perform managerial roles. Because such roles require a greater insight and understanding of the real time situations that can only come from experience. Most of the top ranked business schools would not prefer accepting non-experienced graduates.

True, that one would have to anyhow start working someday, but doing that before it becomes the only thing that you are left to do, has the following perks.

Is this really what I want to do?

It isn’t always that the reality turns out to be even close to your ideas of how it would be. Having a real time experience can give you a clear picture of what future are you making for yourself. The experience could be so interesting that you get all the more motivated and confident, or, on the other hand, it could turn out to be so boring that it could help you change your course of study, before it is too late.

More importantly, careers have become so diverse that the scope of each study has widened. A goal of a student pursuing MBA 10 years ago, for example, could be simply becoming an entrepreneur. But the vision of a career today is not that linear, considering the broadened purview of courses. In such situations, having a hands-on experience could help you plan your own career building tips and decide exactly the kind of job for you. For instance, you can obtain a work experience in the field of finance to check if MBA in Finance is the thing for you.

Ground Level Exposure

It is very easy to learn the man management tips given in your book to pass the exams. But understanding the dynamics of a group, and the needs and expectations of the members of the team can only come when one has had that experience of working at their level. This can help you considerably in handling the situations and problems that emerge in practical life and equip you with the ability to deal with it. And this is true with any profession. Any amount of career building tips studied, has no authenticity, unless one has had the exposure of applying the tips in reality.

An effective career building tip that makes you competent

One of the most effective career building tips that can serve you with better competence in your higher education classes is having an industrial experience. It contributes greatly in the project works, field assignments, and even in the theoretical learning by providing you a deeper insight into the concepts. Business courses, specifically, consist more of case studies and peer group sessions, where your work experience plays a constructive and creative role.

Builds your network

What’s more, an early industrial exposure can build your networks with the stars in your field. Even if not the most successful ones, getting to know anyone and everyone in the field can help you solve the queries you might have. You can discuss the ideas, opportunities and risks, and keep continuous and active contacts with them. They can guide you with the most useful career building tips in your field. It might also prove to be fruitful, when you plan to get settled after your masters.

Being a step ahead!

Rather than starting to learn the work culture and etiquettes after you get settled, it helps you in being prepared for the world even before you set start your journey. It takes lesser time for you to adjust in the environment and you pose a lesser risk to the employer.

Add-on to your CV

A work experience is the greatest eyeballs catch of your resume. Whether it is in the form of an internship, or a proper job, it always adds on to your value and gives the employer the assurance that you have enough experience on your table; hence increasing your employability.

An exposure on the real ground can actually act as your trump card in important matters. Any of the career building tips you refer to, would emphasize on its importance. No doubt why the trend has been moving towards gaining such an experience even before completing the studies.


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