CAT 2015 – Last week Preparation Tips

CAT 2015 exam

The final week before one of the most awaited exams of the year is underway. Mastering the CAT exam is one of the most prominent challenges of an individual’s academic life. There is a reason why the CAT exam is considered as one of the toughest exams to crack. What makes it a harder nut to crack is the fact that the exam is a gateway to many top management colleges in India. A well-defined strategy can lead you to your dream IIM. Conversely, an unstructured approach can cost you dearly. The CAT exam, which is further divided into multiple sections, is one, which requires a great deal of time management.

To succeed in the CAT 2015 you need a consistent preparation strategy. Now is the time to define your grey areas and try to work upon them. The Quant. Section is one of the critical sections of the CAT exam. Here is a detailed guide to mastering the CAT exam 2015.

Tips to Master the Quantitative Aptitude Section

  • There are multiple approaches – direct method, shortcut method, elimination method, and much more – to crack the questions pertaining to this section. Analyse your methodology, and stick to it on the day of the exam. Our CAT 2015 experts would suggest you to follow the short-cut method Because this takes the least amount of time on each section.
  • Another important condition for excelling in the CAT exam is to choose your questions wisely. Your final ‘strike-rate’ will be directly affected by the questions you choose to answer. This is the time when your focus should be on devising a strategy to attempt the questions.
  • Accuracy is another important component of the CAT exam. There is no point in attempting 80% questions with an accuracy of paltry 30-40%. Rather, attempting 40% questions with an accuracy of 90% or more will serve you better.
  • Revising your concepts of the CAT Syllabus in detail, prior to the exam is another important tip. Your last week of CAT 2015 preparation should be devised towards revision. By this time, you should be well aware about your strengths and weaknesses.

Tips to Master the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

  • This is yet another section, which holds high importance in the CAT exam. To master this section, our experts advise you to read newspapers and magazines. There is no alternative to reading quality material. This will serve you two purposes – a strong vocabulary and reading speed. While attempting the questions on the reading comprehension section, the trick is to concentrate on important phrases, sentences, and words.
  • During the last week of preparation for the CAT 2015 exam, allot your time judiciously to each section and stick to the defined timelines. A well-defined, effective time-management strategy can go a long way.
  • Additionally, as the CAT exam is an online test, so build you online reading speed. This will prepare you well for the exam and make you accustomed to online reading.
  • Ultimately, with a proper strategy, time management, and critical analysis during the last week, you could easily master the VARC section.

Time Management in CAT 2015

This year, with the reintroduction of the sectional time limits, time management will be one of the important keys to success. Mark the questions you are not sure about for a review later. Wasting unnecessary time on one particular question will not take you anywhere. Besides, the changes in the cat exam pattern will affect every individual. Don’t lose sleep over the new test pattern. Rather, work on your strengths and try to eliminate your weaknesses.

Finally, a stress-free mind and confidence is something that will help you a lot in doing well in CAT 2015.