Cracking the IIFT Exam: Some Handy Tips

IIFT exam tips

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, better known as IIFT, is the dream college for any MBA aspirant who wishes to specialize in International Business (IB). It is the flagship course of the IIFT, something, which many primer institutes do not even offer. IIFT conducts its annual entrance exam, commonly called as the IIFT Entrance Exam. It is although similar to CAT, but yet is very different from it. In terms of its pattern, it is same as the CAT except that it also has a separate section called the General Awareness (GA). There are approximately 120 to 135 questions while the time allotted is 120 minutes only. The IIFT registrations began on August 4, 2015.

So, here are some awesome tips that will actually work for you and help you crack the exam.

  • Start Early – It is well said, “The early you begin, the better it gets”. As it has an additional section of General Awareness, you need exhaustive efforts in it. As we all know, GA is time-demanding, so it is recommended to plan early for it. This will not only save you from the pressure of last-minute preparations, but also it will provide time, which you can spend on other areas.

  • Decide and Plan accordingly – It is important that you take a self- analysis test before preparing your action- plan for the exam. By doing so, you can easily identify your level of intellect as per the exam. Then, sit and plan accordingly. Also, for such competitive exams it is not necessary on doing everything, but deciding what needs to be done with priority is very important. For instance, in GA decide how much of static and dynamic GA you are going to prepare.

  • Greater Quantity in Lesser Time – As the time allotted in the exam is very less as compared to the other exams, so one has to have a strong time management strategy to nail it. Do not consume extra time on the sets of DI and longer Reading Comprehensions. This can happen only if you have a well laid-out plan prior to the exam and also have practiced it. Try doing some previous year question papers of IIFT in the given time frame, thus you will get an idea of how much time should each question be given ideally.

  • Speed and Accuracy – This is the ultimate key to crack the IIFT exam. As time will be limited, so a good speed with a higher rate of accuracy will help in a great way to make you a winner in this case. So, doing the right and in a swift manner is a must for this exam. Another trick one can put into use is that doing the General Awareness section in the last, it requires the least time. If you know the right answers, it is a game of a few minutes, so why waste a large chunk of time in it?

  • A Must Have Strategy – Be it CAT, IIFT or any other exam, having an exam strategy in mind is the best help you can do to yourself. Surely, there will be various strategies coming into your mind once you start exploring. So, do it on priority, as this will be a thing for which you would thank yourself later. Keeping prior information about the IIFT exam pattern will go a long way in improving your test day performance. Do have a strategy and then go for it.


And last but not the least, never attempt any question in the General Awareness section if you are not sure about the correct answer. Relying on mere guess is really risky in this section. Apply these easy-to-use tips, and you are all set to shine.

All the best! 🙂


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