Creating an Ideal Classroom Environment

What’s the most difficult task for a teacher? Creating an ideal classroom environment in class that calls for the attention of every student. Surely, it is an enormous task in hand and definitely something that no teacher can avoid. After all, it is the duty of every teacher to make sure that he or she provides education in the best possible manner.


So how can a teacher effectively maintain his or her classroom? Read on.

1. Keep the class interactive: Students have a short attention span and they get really bored if they have to listen to a teacher blabber all day long. A teacher can make it interesting for them by holding discussions and PowerPoint presentations.

2. Tone of instruction: A teacher can work on his or her tone. Instead of using an authoritative and dull tone, it is better to be conversational and friendly with the students. This will create a positive and happy environment for students.

3. Use healthy body language: It is very important for the teacher to be comfortable with his or her surroundings. If he or she isn’t at peace or is distracted, it won’t be possible to have the class’ attention.

4. Classroom placement: The teacher should ensure that the students sit in such a way that all of them can see the blackboard. He or she should remove distracting clutter such as a water bottle or duster from the blackboard.


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