Dealing with Adolescents

There is a famous saying, which goes like this, “A lot of parents will do anything for their kids, except letting them be themselves”. Parents, on a whole, cannot resist themselves from instructing kids the difference between right and wrong, however, they forget the meek fact that life can only be understood when it is experienced. Letting kids experience and understand the simple truths of life themselves is always good; yet, some words of caution are always helpful to avoid them from messing up things.

Dealing with Adolescents, in general, and teenagers, in particular, is definitely a challenge and parents have to prepare their own set of tactics to handle them. When it comes to the lessons that need to be taught during the childhood, the list goes long. Some of the tips of dealing with adolescents are as below.

  1. Importance of Education: Right education is a person’s key to success, it instils confidence in a child to lead their own life, at their own terms, notwithstanding challenges they are faced with. A desired amount of attention to education will always lead to great morals and correct ethical values in a child. These values are the key to the holistic growth of the child. Teenagers should be taught the importance of studying because education, more than attaining a degree; is about achieving the desired arrogance towards life – an important fact which parents ignore while dealing with adolescents.
  1. Importance of Friends: Teach your children to be cautious and vigilant while making friends, as a person’s character is defined by the company they keep. Adolescences are subtle and it takes time for them to realise this fact. Help them choose the right kind of friends – those who offer unbiased and truthful advice. Normally, friendships forged during teenage eventually grow and may place a great level of emotional influence on the kids.
  1. Social media should be a no go: In the present scenario, film stars and models are the most striking and obvious role models for any adolescent. Parents need to help children choose their ambitions in life and realize the hard reality behind it. They need to be made aware about the absurdity of external looks and physical features, as ultimately it is their character which defines them through thick and thin. Another important step while dealing with adolescents.
  1. Sex Education: The digital media, in today’s context, rules the thought process of adolescents. The adrenaline rush, common in adolescents, poses a great hurdle in front of the children; many face difficulty in dealing with mid age blues and make hazardous decisions. This is the time when parents play a greater role in their child’s life and befriend them; for instance, spending more time with children is a perfect example of how to have an effective relationship with adolescents. When it comes to girl-child, a mother is the right person to teach them the importance of dealing the bodily changes, menstruation, and the risks behind teen pregnancies and unsafe sex. The correct approach to dealing with adolescents during puberty is to teach them what not to become, before you teach them what to achieve.
  1. Show Faith: Foremost, a child needs to understand the importance of responsibility before you can demand discipline from them. Involve them in small household chores like purchasing grocery or paying bills. When they are given an opportunity to spend money on their own, only then a child would realise the value of it. This helps indoctrinate an intelligent habit of taking up responsibility and understanding finances as two different things.

Adolescence is the time when teenagers cultivate opinions and stick to them; thus, you need to develop an intelligent strategy whereby you effectively communicate with them without impacting their sensitive feelings. The most important lesson is to stay flexible and committed to principles in life; to negotiate and compromise sometimes, on certain things so as to keep up the relationships in life. Eventually, life is better understood only when it is experienced. And dealing with adolescents can be easy if parents take a positive approach.


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