Effects of Obesity

Effects of Obesity on children

After reading the book “Don’t lose your mind, lose weight” by Rujuta Diwekar, a famous celebrity nutritionist. The only thing that stuck me was the revolution of being healthy over thin.

Gone are those days, when children used to participate in outdoor playing, running and sports. Early morning, hearing those yoga-laughs and claps with only elders participating in it makes me wonder why do it after suffering? Why not do it before we undergo any health problem? The famous old saying” Precaution is better than cure” has lost its meaning. Nowadays the bell only rings when the water has reached the brim and is about to drip anytime. These days obesity can be observed in all age groups, from the age of 5 to 50.

What are the effects of Obesity?

What are the effects of obesity?

Obesity is the state of being overweight, a condition where the fat has accumulated in a way that it becomes difficult to lose the excess and it grows further into various serious health complications. The prevalence of obesity in the youth has increased from a mere 7% to a whopping 21% in the past 20 years.  Obese children further grow into obese adults if not taken seriously. Obesity in the youth makes the children prone to at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease and it has been well predicated that the crisis may foster into the risk of diabetes or even cancer.

Many factors can be blamed for the reason behind childhood obesity, few being:

Irregular and harmful eating habits

In a health survey, it was found that children are addicted to junk food and sugary fizzy drinks and ultimately effects of obesity are hard to contain. It was confirmed that children drink at least one soda a day, which possess many harmful nutrients. While bad eating habits followed soon, Junk food like pizzas, burgers and deep fried stuff may look pleasing to the eyes and tummy yet they possess many harmful substances and do not aid in providing any healthy nutrient that is required for the growth and development of the body. The children are simply lured by the advertisements that follow on the television and recall healthy food and vegetables as the food for the ‘poor people’.  Many parents fall target to the fake promises made by junk food brands and are moreover intimidated by their low prices.

No physical activity

The ever increasing technology is one more factor to be blamed for the rising issue of youth obesity, those days are now of the past when children could be seen enjoying and playing outdoors, in today’s time cricket, football are more enjoyed in the form of a game on their smartphone’s. Children must be encouraged to play outdoors and must perform some sort of physical activity. As per doctors an hour a day of playing and physical activity is a must for children, assisting them in their growing years.


Replace the sugary drink with healthy homemade juices or lemon water

Children can easily reduce their intake of sucrose by removing sugary sodas from their diet and drinking more healthy versions of it. Homemade vegetable or fruit juices, cold soups, water with a few drops of lemon or just simply plain H2O would be of great help in tackling Obesity.

Offering the children plenty of whole foods                                                     

Moderation is the key, diminishing of junk foods and including more of whole vegetables and fruits in their diet can be of great help. However, this does not imply that the children should be starved or tempted. Include a cheat day where the whole week, they eat healthy, but one single day they are permitted to eat out of their choice.

Decreasing the screen time

Playing outdoors has no comparison to playing on their Smartphone’s or their PSP’s. Outdoor playing has not just health benefits to it, but also teaches the child the spirit of winning and tackling healthy competition. Playing outside is a form of physical activity and builds their stamina.

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Healthy living is now a revolution; everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. Why not include these habits in our children from their younger days so that they can be conveyed further? Fighting obesity doesn’t only mean losing weight, but healthy living. Being skinny or extremely thin isn’t the solution, but being fit is. The youth is our upcoming generation, a generation that would lead the economy and is an asset for any country so why not prepare them for the best. Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid.


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