First day at Preschool? Here is what you need to do

first day at preschool

The first day of anything can be exciting as well as tedious. It is one of the most special and precious moments of your life; one you cherish for a very long time. However, the thought of letting your child leave your sight for the first time can be daunting for both you as well as the child. A preschool can be the start of something very special. It is like a mould that will shape your child’s life and future. After all, it is the first moment when your child steps into the outside world. Thus, you cannot disregard its importance in your child’s life. The first trouble that a parent face is to find the prospective institute that will ensure their child’s holistic progress. Further, when you ultimately find a school, fit for your ward, it is bound to create fears and excitement in your minds. For the children, even the thought of going out of their house without their parents is unfathomable. These jitters, that both the parents and the children face, can be because of a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, the reasons for these jitters are different on both the sides. Let us look at some reasons, which are common to a majority of parents.

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There are several issues of concern, which as a parent, will arise in your mind. You might have several fears in your mind, as this is your first experience of living without your child. The most prominent of those is whether your child will be able to live without you or not? What if, your child finds himself/herself scrapping for some attention, amongst the other children? How will your child react to his/her peers? Will your child be able to associate themselves with the environs of the school? There can also be concerns like whether the teacher will pay the necessary attention to your child among so many students or how your child will adapt themselves to the new environment? On the other hand, the thought of your child finally leaving the confines of your home can be soothing for some. The experience of packing your child’s school bags for the first time, or simply the hug that you are going to give them when they come running from the classroom.

Tip #1: Share and care

The key, however, is to share the positive vibes or the grey shades of anxiety with your child. It will make them feel loved. A right tinge of love and care can be soothing for a fearful child. You need to share your feelings with a child, but in a way that the child gets stronger and happier. You should learn to recognize and deal with your emotions. An emotional downpour in front of the child is the last thing that you need to do as a parent. Because if you are not at peace with these feelings, how will you make your child confident?

Tip #2: Make them feel loved

The children, when compared to their parents, feel the jitters for a whole lot of different things. The most common fear is that love for them in their parent’s heart will decrease. So, the obvious concern for children is how will they survive without their parents, especially the mother? Who will help them tie their shoelaces? Who will be their new friend? Will they get accustomed to the ‘rituals’ of a classroom? And these are only a handful of questions that come across their minds. Consequently, as a parent, it is your responsibility to overcome your child’s nervousness and make them feel cheerful, enthusiastic, and happy about their first day at preschool.

Tip #3: Listen to them

Talk to your child to know what actually concerns them the most. This is the first step in helping your child deal with the first day blues. You need to know what exactly bothers your child and then approach them accordingly. It is important that you boost their self-awareness while the child enters a mysterious world, by helping them memorize little things like the house address, your mobile number, age, etc.. Also, ensure that they are able to know and spell the correct name of their body parts. All this would help in the overall safety of your child.

Tip #4: Devise Early Routines

You can start by reading good books about various preschools. You should make them familiar with the experience of a preschool by reading them some good stories of the kindergarten. In addition, the children will get motivated and recognize your support during this beautiful phase of their life. Just before the school starts, plan a fixed routine, according to the school. For instance, maintain the sleeping and waking up time of the child. By doing so, the child will not have problem in adjusting to the daily routine as there will be no major change.

Yes, it is true that the excitement and the anxiety are bound to be felt by you and your child, but ensure that you make this experience a memorable one and sail through this journey smoothly.