First Day of College

First Day of College

The first day of college is indeed special. The very thoughts of not waking up before dawn, putting on the same old uniform, running and catching the school bus (and the rest whatever happens in a school stays in the school) brings a bright smile. Of not going through the same monotony again, of not carrying a heavy load of books ever again, of everything anti-school, is a huge sigh of relief. A very new breath of life. So what are we talking about exactly? Yes, the much awaited phase of our life, the first day of College. Moving away from the obvious fascinating thoughts of breaking away from the oh-so-school monotony, it is basically what follows after we enter into this whole new world. So why not discuss about these initial important vulnerable days and experiences?

First day of college. Best clothes on? Check. Best shoes and bag on? Check. Hair on point? Check. Something which doesn’t stop pumping right in the centre of your chest? Double check. The indescribable nervousness of being both happy and scared? Check to the power of infinity. So what is it exactly that makes us tremble at the thought of the first day? Or if not tremble, utterly excited? Let me tell you. The very thought of the first day of college; entering into an entirely new world; where everything and everyone is as unknown as ever. Where the past holds no meaning, and the future is yet to unfold. So it isn’t actually that weird if we do shudder at such thoughts. We are all very well familiar with the sinking feeling when we are about to begin the very new journey. As the day passes by, we realise, that well, maybe it isn’t that scary as we thought, and maybe everything is going to be, just, good? And with a whole lot of mixed emotions bursting up our heads, we return back, and we eagerly look forward for the next day, sleeping away with confused smiles.

A week passes by, and many handshakes and hugs take place. Giggles and ideas follow shortly. And a second major heave of relaxation takes place, as we look up at the sky, with a grin, we know this place is ours now and we belong to it now. Short trips to the “Maggi points” become usual meeting places, strangers become friends, and we grow. What if maths used to bug the hell out of you in school? You aren’t doing it anymore, psychology seems fun. Literature keeps you hooked onto the lectures. The new photography class cannot be more interesting than this.

And it finally settles in, and dawns upon you, that maybe everything is not what it seems, and maybe change happens for something better stored in the future for us. We are surely going to miss the school days, yes. But college? Let’s just not talk about it. It’s going to provide us with memories we would be cherishing throughout our lives. How that nerdy guy in your class stood up against everyone, how that Kamla Nagar shopping trip turned out to be something which you won’t forget ever, and how your history teacher complimented you in front of the whole class for your research efforts, the list is practically endless. So as we enter college, let us put some presumptions aside, and be ready to experience the best years of our lives. First day of College. The phrase itself brings a smile, right?


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