Highlights of a Good Preschool

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The modern era has brought in a surfeit of changes to the education landscape. The early education plays a very important role in a child’s life and this purpose is fulfilled by preschools or more popularly known as the play schools. As the formative years of a child always act as a foundation for the rest of the life, therefore looking at the importance of these years, a child should be given early education appropriately with a deeper conscience.

Since the early education given in a preschool builds a base for further elementary education of a child, hence parents should be very cautious about their child’s education. Although, there are many preschools in and around the city, but the selection of the suitable preschool for a child can only be done by a parent, as they are aware and understand what is best for their child.

In the pursuit of delivering knowledge and developing a child completely and its learning procedure, The Happy Feet Play School was established in April 2007 and is located in the heart of the city, New Delhi. Some of the major highlights of the school are summarized as follows:

  • The infrastructure includes well-structured classrooms and outdoor spaces within the premises. The playground nurtures the development of the physical health of the students.
  • The school has a well-designed research based curriculum, which includes excursions to places such as post office, railway museums, parks, etc. to make them aware about the heritage of the city and to improve their general knowledge.
  • The school comprises of a small art and craft room, a dining room, an activity room, a splash pool, among many other facilities.
  • The school realizes the importance of the mental growth of a child, so many games are organized, and students are exposed to solving puzzles, play and learn about the toys, sing and dance with friends, listen to stories. In addition, the children are introduced to new colors and taught to identify them, taught to count numbers and letters, hold a crayon, paint, scribble, tear and paste. All these activities enrich their learning process and increase their inclination towards creativity, sports, and academics.

Another preschool namely, Golden Bells Play School is an epitome of a preschool, where the complete focus in given to the development of a child in all aspects. Few major points about the school have been highlighted as follows:-

  • Recently the school has been established and is located at Ashok Vihar, North West Delhi.
  • The school premise is sufficient to accommodate a good number of students along with the availability of some important facilities for them.
  • The other facilities include a swimming pool, a creative art room, a skating ring, a library and storytelling room, music and dance room, auditorium, electric train, a mini zoo, RO filtered drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, smart card enabled security, e-interaction, GPS, and geo fence alarms.
  • The classrooms are well designed in lively color combinations, theme based and unique, with computer and projector aided teaching.
  • The school faculty members are busy in teaching the basic skills and etiquettes of life.
  • The school also addresses the importance of the growth of parents in terms of understanding their child and their needs in a better manner, therefore with reference to this point; the school organizes seminars and activities for the parents, stressing the ways of valuable parenting and child upbringing.

The preschools play the important role in the society by developing the bright future of a country and enriching our future generation i.e. the young toddlers with basic values of life, ultimately making them a good human being.