How to Be a Food Connoisseur

To be able to introduce a new restaurant to people and point out its strengths and weaknesses isn’t easy as it requires a firm understanding of the food business. One of the most important traits you need to cultivate (if you don’t already have it) is the willingness to try out new cuisines.

To become a food connoisseur, you need to:

Learn how to report

Being a food connoisseur isn’t only about eating and telling the world about how good or bad it is. You need to understand the nuances of journalism and report your overall experience well. If you’re serious about considering this as a profession, then the first thing you can so is to take up a journalism course during graduation.


Understand the restaurant business

There are various aspects that go into making a restaurant a success. A customer’s experience is entirely determined by the dynamics between the front and back-end operations and how well they compliment each other. A great way to understand this would be to opt for a hotel Management or restaurant management course. If you don’t want to take up an entire course, then just to learn about the restaurant business. You can always intern with a restaurant!

Get ready to experiment

 As a food critic, you’ll be given a variety of assignments that may range from critiquing a small café to a high-end Japanese restaurant in a hotel. One of the most important skills you must have is the willingness to experiment with food. Apart from this, you also need to be able to understand the subtle differences in taste and flavors when it comes to trying out different cuisines. Don’t order sushi expecting it to taste like chicken tikka!


Study food

 You can’t really become a true food connoisseur without knowing enough about food. Study cookbooks and watch T.V programs that teach you more about various cuisines. Watch or follow other prominent food critics and see what makes them stand out from amateurs to understand the skill set you need to cultivate.


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