Is UK your dream destination for Higher Education?

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If studying in the United Kingdom is what you dream of, then be assured that your dream is a beautiful one. Known for being the best in the education fields like law, sciences, management, and humanities, the UK houses some of the world’s top 10 ranked universities like the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the Imperial College London, and the University College London.

The United Kingdom has been the favourite destination for the Asians and you can indeed feel the presence of a strong Asian community in its major cities. People from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal have contributed noticeably to the population of the UK.

Internationally too, UK is the most popular destination for higher education in the world after the United States. Every year, some 250,000 to 300,000 overseas students come for higher education in UK[1]. And there are many reasons why.

Highly Prestigious!

A degree from a University in the UK, known for its world class quality education, is sure to fetch you a mark of distinction anywhere across the globe. With UK accounting for a mere 1% of the world’s population, 5% of the world’s scientific research is shouldered by the UK and 14% of the world’s cited academic papers are developed here.

An opportunity to study under the guidance of the world’s leading academics and experts, is what you get, and an add-on to the system is that the education focusses on developing independent thinking of the students and nurturing their creativity. With that kind of input in your pedagogy, your future is not less than settled.

Cost is no longer a reason to worry

Considering the high living costs in the major cities of the UK like London and Manchester, the question of affordability was quite prominent. But not when one knows that there is enormous scope even outside the large cities. Many Asian students find it fairly economical to study in institutions like the Bangor University, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Dundee, or the University of Glasgow, as the cost of living in these cities is much lower. Plus, scholarships for overseas students are also available.

You can start earning a year sooner!

One of the best parts of pursuing higher education in UK is that it offers professionalized and shorter degree courses. Unlike the usual 4-year undergraduate programs and 2-year post graduate programs, the duration of most of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the UK Universities are 3-years and 1-year respectively. This not only saves a whole year of study, it saves you on the expenses of 12 months, and rather you can start earning by that time.

Visa Benefits

Getting a visa to pursue higher education in the UK is relatively easier, and even easier is to get the permit to work. In fact, if your course is longer than 6 months, you can also work in the UK to support your studies on your student visa itself. This option of working part time gains you a valuable work-experience.

Curriculum- As you need it, the way you want it!

The study pattern of higher education in UK Universities is highly specialised and tailored to meet the individual needs of the International students. It offers you the flexibility of blending academic courses with vocational ones and choosing the best for yourself. The range of these courses is vast at all levels. Extensive fellowship programs are also available.

Living the British life

The hallmarks of the British life, like punctuality and discipline, are a sure ‘bring back home’ aspect of your personality. And living in a place that has the origins of the English language, privileges you with the prospect of excelling in the language, and improving your communication skills.

Plus, the exposure one gets by living in a multi-cultural community, thanks to students coming in from all parts of the world, makes you stronger, confident, and adaptable; the qualities employers appreciate.

So if you fancy pursuing higher education in the UK, you have enough reasons to! You might just start packing your bags and planning the trip. Just be thoughtful about the course you want to pursue and the college of your requirements, in view of the budget at your hand.


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