Journalism and Beyond



Journalism has been in the headlines of the papers and the topic of discussions quite a lot these days. It has emerged out to be the choice for students who want to go off the league and do different than the usual stuff. Read on explore its uniqueness.


Journalism – an exclusive choice of career

Does the path of the career map in your dreams take you beyond the IITs and the IIMs? Do you wish to make life more challenging than just acquiring a professional degree and practicing a usual job like that of an engineer or a doctor? Well, lately, the dreams of increasingly many students have made them explore such directions. And that is how, the field of journalism has flourished in the recent years, like the way it did never before.

Journalism is the name given to the gamut of activities that encompasses investigation, analysing and reporting of events via the print or the electronic media, and now even via the web. The web has opened up new avenues in this field through its contribution in the activities of broadcasting, marketing, and interacting digitally with the public. Being one of the trendiest choice of career these days, it has countless opportunities to extend.


Traditionally, it was associated more with newspapers and magazines, but today, journalism has expanded in its reign to comprise reporting, writing, editing, photography, cinematography, web marketing and promotions, market research, and development communication.

Even in each of these particular arenas, one can take up a specialised aspect of the whole, like politics, sports, fashion, education, crime, finance, spiritual or some other such narrowed bracket of facets. Meaning, if you have penchant for any of these very prominent parts of life, and the artistry to pen it down, an entire world of the fourth estate is willing to absorb you.


A professional degree in journalism and mass communication will help you a long way in getting a head start. There are many institutions in India that offer courses at both the undergraduate and the post-graduate levels, and even numerous diploma courses that come handy when you are looking for gaining expertise in a specific arena.

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, the Asian College of Journalism, the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, the Jamia Millia Islamia, the Xavier Institute of Communication, the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, and the Times School of Journalism are some of the top ranked journalism institutions in India.


As a pursuant of journalism, you can decide to work in the print media as a writer, an editor, a correspondent, or a photojournalist, or in the electronic industry as a reporter, an anchor, a researcher, production workers and sound or camera technicians. You can also write for the web, which includes writing for the website, for blogs, or for social media, which have become important tools for marketing and promotions in recent times. The vastness of these professions makes journalism a career of immense possibilities and one, which offers a plethora of job prospects.

With initial phases requiring a significant struggle and hard work, your commitment and skills can take you a long way in gaining the fame and wealth associated with the profession.


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