Motivating Stories: Top 5 Celebrity Moms

celebrity moms

Think of yourself as a toddler, child, adolescent, and a teen. Think about your college and early workforce years. Do you remember the temper tantrums that you threw, unnecessary arguments about food and lunch boxes that you had with your parents? Childhood is indeed a special time, both for the parent as well as the child. While we are going through the phase, one would despise this period, however, if you think about it after years, you would realise its importance. And then, you think about your parents who put up with all your tantrums and unnecessary splits.

Being a child was difficult. Raising a child, by those standards, sounds almost impossible. Isn’t it? I know it can take a toll on anyone. Therefore, allow me to quote some interesting stories that will help you boost morale and perform your duties.

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Madhuri Dixit

You know her for her roles in “Dil to Pagal Hai, Hum Apke hai Koun, and Devdas”, but these days she has taken a break from the limelight to focus on parenting and raising her children. According to a poll on a leading entertainment website, Ms Dixit is a favourite “ideal celebrity mom” based on her family priorities and her absence from the tabloids. She counted amongst the best-known people who have evolved to work for the benefit of the children. Over the years, she has helped the children evolve and become self-dependant. Not a bad role model to have?

Twinkle Khanna

She may be controversial, but you can’t ignore her kindness and dedication to becoming a full time “celebrity mom”. She and husband Akshay Kumar have two kids at home. Along with this, they can helped countless millions to causes as noble as the UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and Women in the World. Their secret to happiness and keeping the family together? “We try to have dinner together every night. Along with this, we have barred video games at the dining table. Even I and Akshay turn our phones off to celebrate the family time.” Twinkle said, according to a leading Tabloid.


This top actor and ‘current’ celebrity mom simply loves spending time with her two children – Nysa and Yug. She often accompanies them to their school events and she is said to be a loving mother. Her husband, Ajay Devgan, admitted on a live Television show that she is, any day, a better mother than a wife. During a family holiday, when she was not able to go along, she reportedly asked Ajay to send the kids back home as she was missing them too much! A perfect, dotting mother indeed!

Lara Dutta

This wife of former tennis champion of India, Mahesh Bhupathi, was one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Post marriage and motherhood though, the caring mother in her has taken over totally. She might not have been present for her child’s every milestone because of her commitment with leading movies and entertainment industry, but her successes, over the years, have been dedicated to her daughter. She has, however, more than made up for her absence by babysitting, as often as possible. A perfect blend of modern age working women.

Aishwarya Rai

She might have ruled the “Hindi Film Industry”, popularly known as ‘Bollywood’ for over two decades, but she will surely rule her child’s heart for a lifetime. This celeb mom completely dotes on her daughter. They say, she even gave her lucrative career for her child. Additionally, mingling with the “First family of the Bollywood” has brought added pressure on her shoulders. Her child, though too young to understand new things, is always seen cheering by her side during the various events that she is part off. Being a mom seems to be the best job she has ever done. A perfect role model for parents.

A mom holds a very special position and importance for every child. But what if the mom is larger than life? Yes, these celebrity moms, with the difference, have led from the front and performed the dual duty of being celebrities and dotting parents with near perfection. The mothers that we have talked about in this article are not just famous moms, but moms whose kids play an important role in their lives.