Oxford University: Facts, Courses, and much more

Oxford University

Planning to study in the UK? This is the first in the series of articles decoding the top universities in the UK.

The University of Oxford or better called as Oxford, is one of the most prestigious universities located in England. It is the oldest surviving university in the English-speaking world. Also, it is the second oldest surviving university in the world, after the University of Bologna. Interestingly, there is no founding date of this university but there is evidence of teaching as early as 1096. The university has 38 constituent colleges in its array scattered throughout the city of Oxford. It has the largest press in the world which operates under the name Oxford University Press. Home to over 22,000 students, the university receives more than 20,000 applications for the undergraduate courses having 12,000 seats. Until 1878, girls were not awarded degrees in the university. Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that the use of comma (,) was the mastermind of this university. Similarly, there are many facts and figures about the university that makes one spellbound.


The Oxford University offers a wide range of undergraduate courses in all the three streams of humanities, science, and commerce. The most popular courses are from the discipline of History. There are, namely, history and economics, history and English, history and politics, history and modern languages, history (ancient and modern), and history of art which allow the student explore fully in the past. Another preferred subject is Mathematics, which has courses like mathematics and computer science, mathematics, mathematics and philosophy, and mathematics and statistics. The courses offered in philosophy include philosophy and modern languages, philosophy and theology, physics and philosophy, philosophy, politics and economics, psychology, philosophy and linguistics. In the stream of economics, the courses offered are economics and management, history and economics, philosophy, and politics and economics. Finally, the faculty of oriented studies is also highly valued with its unique curriculum that gives students the opportunity to study about the civilizations other than the Western ones. Apart from this, the university offers several postgraduate courses as well.

The students from around the world apply to this university every year seeking an opportunity to study amongst the best. In order to be eligible to the programs offered by this university, certain things are a must. Firstly, the students need to fulfill the entry requirements of the course they wish to take an admission in. Secondly, for the international students, there is an additional exam called as TOEFL i.e. Test Of English as a Foreign Language. This test is required to be given by all the students whose first language is not English or put simply those who belong to “non- English speaking countries”. Further, you must check that whether the work experience is required in your desired course. If yes, then look into the details and choose your profession accordingly. The university is very strict about their selection criteria. So, if you wish to ensure your seat, adhere to the selection criteria and be cautious about it.

Cost of Education & Scholarships

The next aspect that comes into the picture is the cost of the education. Since, the cost of living in the UK is significantly high for a majority of international students, it is a major concern. On an average, the cost of living in Oxford for a year is usually between 12,000 pounds to 17,000 pounds. However, there are various scholarships and grants available to the international students. To avail them, one needs to apply to the relevant January deadline of the year. For 70% of the scholarships, nothing more than the standard course application is required. For the Indian students, the most efficient scholarship is known as the Oxford- Indira Gandhi Graduate Scholarship. This scholarship is applicable to anyone who is a resident of India as well as those who have previously studied in India for their higher education. The scholarship is applicable to the courses like MSc in Biodiversity, Contemporary India, Water Science, Policy and Management, Environmental Change and Management, and many more courses. The other scholarships offered to the Indian students include:

  • British Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Fellowship
  • Louis- Drefyus- Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Program
  • Rhodes Scholarships

Career Prospects

The career prospects after attaining the Oxford Education are much brighter as its students are regarded as highly valued graduates across the world. As much as 92% of the students get well placed each year with an average remuneration of 30,000 pounds. The students are given an insight into the career goals they can eye upon in their respective fields much early so that they can plan for themselves in advance. The university has an active portal called Career Service, which offers a number of career fairs, workshops on building CV, effective job strategy, to help students get the best offer in hand. Each year over 6,600 jobs are advertised on this portal.

Finally, the testimony to its prestige stands clear with several treasures it has given to the world. The Oxford University has produced stalwarts like Indira Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Adam Smith, Arnab Goswami, Bill Clinton and the list goes on.

So, go join this list by enrolling into one of the best universities in the world.


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