Lucrative careers

Three Lucrative Careers in India

While being drawn towards a job because you are passionate about is one thing and the lure of a high-paying job is another and definitely hard to ignore. The image of India as an emerging economic powerhouse is the reason why the number of financially lucrative careers in India is at an all time high. Let’s take a look such moolah-making career options.


Master’s in Business Administration


An MBA degree is one of the most sought after courses in the country and for a good reason, as it offers lucrative careers. MBA graduates earn a lot of money, especially if they have graduated from an ‘A’ grade institution such as The Indian Institute of Management, XLRI, NMIMS, etc. Students from these institutes can get an offer of about Rs. 7,50,000 to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum, that too as a fresher!


B.Tech in Software Engineering


IT is synonymous with India and is one of the most lucrative careers in the country. Experienced software development managers in top-tier positions can earn anywhere between Rs. 12,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 per year while the salaries of project managers responsible for hands-on-work and supervision can earn between Rs. 9,00,000 to Rs. 13,00,000 a year.


Mechanical / Electronics / Chemical Engineering


The engineering sector is vast and to excel in this sector, one needs to be dedicated. The salary in the engineering sector generally depends on your experience and field knowledge. Freshers stand to earn between Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 a year and if you have completed your graduation from one of the top IITs of the country, then there is a chance you will be paid a lot more than that!


Screenwriting in USA

Studying Screenwriting in USA

Screenwriting is an exceptionally lucrative profession that one would want to enter into. A lot of students opt for screenwriting in USA, as the country has a reputation of housing some of the finest film institutions offering this program. Also known as “script writing”, it involves writing for films and television production houses.

The significance of a particular theme in screenwriting cannot be ignored. It is the sole driving force behind a film or a TV series. It’s due to good screenwriting that, most of the times, a film becomes successful. Today, film critics and reviews are centered on the script of a film. It is, in fact, the very foundation on which the building of a film firmly stands. A film can’t certainly be envisioned without a script!

So let’s take a look at some of the widely acclaimed institutions of screenwriting in USA:


  1. New York Film Academy (NYFA) – The NYFA program is one of the most comprehensive college of screenwriting in USA. This course is available for as less as 8 to 12 weeks. You can also undertake a full-time screenwriting program. The Academy offers undergraduate (Bachelor’s in Fine Arts) and post-graduate (Master’s in Fine Arts) programs. Plus, frequent workshops are held that prove to be an excellent platform for budding screenwriters.


  1. UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television – In the screenwriting course offered by UCLA, the students are acquainted with the structure and concept of story. Professional program at the University in screenwriting is for 3 years.


  1. Columbia University School of the Arts Film – This is another university of high repute in the U.S. for a program in screenwriting. The program offers rigorous workshops in directing, producing and screenwriting. The university also boasts of a lengthy and an intensive study module that helps the students in mastering this skill.


In addition to this, there are many universities that enroll students for an online course in screenwriting. With the help of online classes, these institutions help the students in developing the craft of screenwriting.


Top 6 Bizarre Colleges in U.S.A.

Here’s the deal. Your ‘real life’ begins only when you enter college. For most of us, it means we are free to ‘par-taaay’, go on college road-trips and basically do whatever we want! But, here’s the thing though. What if you could have as much fun during your one-hour lecture as you would while hanging out with your friends? What would it be like to actually stay awake during a lecture?

Something that would make sitting in a classroom fun and interactive rather than listening to a professor drone on about covalent bonds. Something that’s quirky yet doesn’t miss out on the whole point of college education. If nothing else, give your inner weirdo a little breathing space during the ‘awesomest’ phase of your life!

Here’s a list of what we think are some of the most bizarre college courses that the world has to offer.


1. Theme Park Engineering at California State University, Long Beach

 Most of us cringe when we think of having to study engineering for four long years. Why not infuse a little creativity into it and learn how to develop, run and maintain thriller rides like the ones in Six Flags Magic Mountain or Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi? Sounds fun, right?

California State University does just that, make even engineering attractive by offering a course of study in Theme Park Engineering. The adventurer in all of us would have such an awesome time if we were the brains behind the world’s fastest Roller Coaster or the world’s largest Ferris Wheel.


2. Puppetry at University of Connecticut

All of us have, at one time or the other, thought ‘Dance for me, my puppets!’ Well, here’s your chance to feel like a Demigod. The Puppetry course at UConn is popular offbeat courses worldwide. In fact, this prestigious college offers both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Fine Arts in Puppetry. Don’t think of this as a side-y course just yet. The training of the students is so rigorous that they have to undergo lessons and exams in theatre, costume, lighting, design and stage-setting in order to attain their degree.


3. GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity at University of Virginia

This, right here, is a spin on gender studies which we would all like. Using icons of popular culture to exemplify Gender studies is something that ‘good lecturers’ would do. But to name an entire course after Lady Gaga and study her moves to teach what sex and gender do to the identity of a person is genius. University of Virginia uses this course to illustrate the implications of media, popular culture, sex, race and other social demographics on the identity of a person. An interesting approach to understanding and battling social issues.


4. Zombie Studies at the University of Alabama

Understanding the influence of popular media and popular fiction on culture is what the University of Alabama aims to do with this wacky course. The methodology of the curriculum itself is pretty rigorous, although a lot of it involves watching popular TV Shows like ‘The Walking Dead’. In fact, the professor who teaches this course uses the zombie culture as a metaphor for human culture throughout history.


5. Alien Worlds at Boston University

 The main purpose of the course is scanning outer space for extraterrestrial life. Offered by the Astronomy department of Boston University, the students explore the skies and study the possibility of other life forms existing in the universe.


6. Harry Potter – Ethics and Imagination at University of Alabama, Birmingham

 One of the most popular fiction series of our times, beating the popularity of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, it is an English 400 level course. Understanding symbolism, human culture and socio-ethics is the bigger picture. Drawing parallels between the ‘wizarding’ and ‘muggle’ worlds is not the only thing UAB does. Their Museum of Health Science also organizes an exhibition dedicated to the ‘boy who lived’.

Off-beat Professions

Top 5 Off-beat Professions

Choosing the right career from a plethora of options is not easy. While medicine, engineering, law, commerce, and humanities are some of the popular streams chosen by Indian students, there are several off-beat professions as well. And, believe it or not, these not-so-typical options have gained popularity in the last few years.

So what are these options? Let’s take a look.

  1. Hotel Management

Though challenging, hotel management is one of the very popular off-beat professions among the students nowadays. There’s no doubt that it is a physically tiring career but it is also bound to give you a different experience everyday. From dealing with people on a daily basis to learning the technical aspects of the hotel industry, it is safe to say that this profession is quite diverse.

  1. Photography

Do you love being behind a DSLR and capturing moments? And, do people look at your photographs with awe and compliment you? Yes? Then, photography is perhaps the right career choice for you. If you are passionate about it, then you will not take much time to grasp the technical know-hows of this option.

  1. Environmentalism

Working for the environment is a noble act. After all, this shows that at least someone cares about the riches that our planet has to offer. To become a successful environmentalist, you must regularly study the environmental changes. Also, this is not a well paying job, so you have to be very passionate and dedicated – another belonging to the category of off-beat professions.

  1. Journalism

Journalism is not an easy career option. It requires a strong character and the will to report what people should really know! Journalism demands the willingness to stay updated every day. Journalism has three main mediums – online, print, and broadcast.


peer pressure

Say No To Peer Pressure!

There’s no doubt that having a huge groups of friends in school or college feels great. But changing your lifestyle or taking up bad habits because your friends told you so is a strict no-no. This shows that you are under immense peer pressure and any form of peer pressure generally has adverse consequences.

From drinking alcohol and doing drugs to partaking in illegal activities; the list is endless. It is said that every student is pressured by his or her peer at least once. However, how a student reacts to it differs. While some may not pay attention to it, others might end taking the wrong step just to impress their friends!

So, how can a student develop a thick skin against it? Read on.

  1. Identify peer pressure: The most important step is to identify any kind of pressure that your friends are putting on you. It could be for a small class test or smoking a cigarette. You should know when you are not feeling comfortable in doing something your friends have asked you to do.
  2. Say “no”: If you’re not comfortable doing something, then you’ve every right to say no. This is something you need to remember and execute. Don’t think that if you disagree, they’ll abandon you. True friends won’t do that.
  3. Make new friends: There’s no harm in making new friends. In fact when you do, don’t just stop talking to your old friends. Maintain a healthy relationship with both the sets and do things that actually interest you and make you happy.

Remember – Don’t give in to things you don’t feel strongly for.


UK Job Market

Which Sectors are the Most Successful in UK Job Market ?

Scoring a high grade, finishing assignments on time and writing a crazy-long dissertation are all good. The booming UK job market is another attraction for students these days. But what everyone really wants to know is which subject in graduation is going to get them the best job opportunity in the United Kingdom?

It’s no secret that UK is one of the most favourite places of Indians to study in or migrate to. And the news is that since 2008, the opportunities for graduates in the global market have dropped down significantly. However, a survey conducted late last year showed a positive swing in market requirements in UK job market.

While recruitment prospects vary from sector to sector; the retail sector, engineering industry, and consultancy groups advertise themselves more to get more fresh graduates. The telecom and IT industries too are increasing the number of their annual vacancies. But for those who aim to become a high profile lawyer or a successful banker, there aren’t enough opportunities in the market.

On the other hand, Teach First, a non-profit organization has single-handedly created a boom in the teaching industry. It fast-tracks graduates from top universities and varied educational backgrounds, into the public school system. The recruits have even gone on record saying that they wish to gather some work experience before they move onto a job in a field of their choice.

Those in creative sectors have good news coming their way. Gone are those days when deciding between fashion designing or becoming an artist was like Sophie’s Choice. Today’s the day when you can opt to study something creative without having to stick to a pre-defined job segment. There are tons of young professionals who use their artistic talents and skills in industries like engineering, entertainment and even healthcare! Web designing, animation, and copy writing are just some of the “creative” career choices popular in UK.

So which sectors are most successful in UK job market? The answer is “none”.


Top Universities in the Netherlands

Top Universities in the Netherlands

Netherlands is easily one of the most liberal and beautiful countries to study in. Their tolerance towards other races and religions is extremely high and their living there is considerably cheaper than living in some of the other European countries. So, here’s a list of some of the top universities in the Netherlands:

University of Amsterdam

Everyone’s heard of Amsterdam and how great it is to vacation and party there however, little has been said on an international level about the college life. The University of Amsterdam appeared on number 62 on the QS World University Rankings for 2012/13 and has an extremely strong international program. The University offers comprehensive courses in subjects like humanities, social and behavioral sciences, law, economics and business, medicine, dentistry and science. It is one of the top universities in the Netherlands.

Leiden University

Leiden University also appeared on the QS World University Rankings for 2012/13 at number 75. This University dates back to 1575 and is one of the most reputed places to study. They believe strongly in the freedom of thought and expression so if you’re the kind of person who loves voicing opinions and thinking for yourself, this just might be the right place for you. They offer courses in various subjects like Archaeology, Campus the Hague, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences with over 50 Bachelors courses and 60 master’s programs.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University was ranked at number 85 on the QS World University Rankings for top universities in the Netherlands 2012/13. Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is considered one of Europe’s leading universities. The fact that they teach students in small groups in order to facilitate concentrated learning and teaching really sets them apart from other universities. They offer various courses in fields of study like Geosciences, Science, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Law, Economics and Governance, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine.

Engineering colleges in India

Engineering Colleges in India – The Cream of the Crop

It is no secret that there is an abundance of engineering colleges in India. With lakhs of engineering students graduating every year, there is a certain section of students which stands head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of the quality of education. These students are the ones who have graduated from the top layer of the engineering colleges in India pool, known as ‘The cream of the crop’.

The IIT complex

The top spot is definitely reserved for the IITs, known as one of the top engineering colleges of India, which have been imparting the highest levels of education for longer than anybody can remember. Amongst the IITs, the old IITs, namely IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Mumbai, IIT-Chennai, IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Kharagpur are considered to be the best. High levels of educations, well-qualified teachers and curricula designed ensure that immediately after graduation, students are ready to walk in to any job in their respective sectors.

The new IITs including IIT-Ropar, IIT-Indore and IIT-Hyderabad also are slowly and surely reaching at the top in terms of quality of education that is synonymous with the name of IIT being maintained. All IITs have great facilities and a highly conducive atmosphere for students to excel in their respective fields.

Non-IITian and proud

Amongst the non-IIT institutes, BITS Pilani and Delhi Technological University are considered to be the best engineering colleges in India. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), situated in Pilani, is known for its excellent infrastructure and academic environment. The faculty in both these institutions is of the highest quality, boasting of years of experience. These institutes offer ample opportunities for the students to develop a specific skill set in their areas of interest.

My son or daughter, the engineer!

The major factor that sets these institutes apart from the rest in India is their support and encouragement for students to research, innovate and develop new technologies. This practice goes a long way in helping the students not just get jobs at esteemed organizations in the country and abroad, but also in creating jobs, which in the current scenario of the country, is a boon in itself.


Dealing with the stress of admission

Right after completing school, students are often faced with a dilemma, with desperation about getting admission into any college providing engineering setting in. This situation is not helped by the parents feeling similar pressures to get their child enrolled for any engineering colleges in India. That is the biggest mistake made on the part of the student and the parents. You want to pursue engineering, work hard and get into a top rung college. If by any chance that does not happen, go back, work harder and try again. You get into a mid or small level college; it gets comparatively harder to excel in your career or even becoming a good engineer.


sports management

Sports Management: The Administration of Sports

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a career in sports is to be a professional player. Almost every one of us has, at least once in our lives, dreamt of being able to play one or the other sport professionally. However, with India always known for the pool of engineers and doctors, when pursuing sports professionally you run into several hurdles, the least of all being the obvious lack of organization of sports in the country. This just shows the scope of careers in the management and promotion of sports in India.
Sports management includes the marketing and promotion of the sports, events and even sportspersons. Every sportsperson today, upcoming or established, is affiliated with a sports agency or an individual agent. Marketing and promotion of the individual as a brand is one of the biggest parts of it. Other than dealing with players, the course also includes organization and administration of various sports events and tournaments. Basically, with a career in sports management, you get to work with your first love, sports, and combine it with business and marketing.
Regarding sports education, for a student looking for a professional course in sports management, the basic eligibility criteria is to have a bachelor’s degree in any stream. On the completion of graduation, you can apply for a sports management master’s degree from various colleges in India and abroad. In India, the International Institute of Sports Management and Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science lead the way with sports management degrees and diplomas.

However, the limited number of courses and even more limited exposure, studying sports management abroad is the better option. Studying abroad also provides an added advantage of working in the management and administration of a range of sports other than cricket. So if you are a lover of different sports such as football (soccer if you are in USA), basketball, tennis, badminton or any other and wish to enter the field of management of that particular sport, studying in a university abroad is sure to provide the required exposure.

The best countries to pursue a course in this field are South Africa, Spain, USA and France. The major advantage of studying in any one of these countries is the level of exposure and hands-on experience every student gathers. With each of countries being highly organized in every sport, studying in these countries is sure to provide a great launch pad for a career in sports management.

The top 5 universities / colleges for sports management are:


  1. University of Cape Town, South Africa
  2. IE Business School, Spain
  3. University of Virginia, USA
  4. KEDGE Business School, France
  5. San Diego State University, USA


Each of these colleges / universities offer courses designed specifically to build on every student’s love for sports along with honing their skills in marketing and administration. With large scale sports events being organized in each of these countries and several top athletes coming through their ranks, each of these destinations promises a new experience for the students. The students of these universities get an inclusive education experience with involvement in the organization of various sports events. The students also get to be part of the promotion and administration of these events. It is safe to say that any student completing their sports management degree from any one of these colleges will have more practical than bookish / theoretical knowledge.

A career in sports management is especially rewarding for sports enthusiasts as being totally involved with something you love is a fantastic career choice. So, what do you need in order to establish a career in this field? First things first, you need to have a passion for sports and a flair for administration. A combination of good communication skills, an acute sense of business, patience and a sporting spirit goes a long way in helping you succeed in your career.




architecture design universities

Top 3 Architecture Design universities of Dubai

Dubai is a country which boasts of ostentatious, giant sky scrapers. Owing to the flourishing economy and magnificent architectural projects, Dubai has gained global attention in the past few years. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest sky scraper at 2,722 feet. Dubai, popular for its multi-culture and cosmopolitan outlook, is a major destination for higher education in the UAE. Many of the architecture graduates get placed with top international firms working in architecture, town planning and interior designing to name a few. Hence, it is fair to say that the region is home to some of the finest architecture design universities.

Since Dubai is developing at a pace never witnessed before, the region has higher possibilities for budding architects. They are open to numerous opportunities awaiting them in the Emirates. Quite a few architecture universities in Dubai are privately managed, however, they are also internationally recognized and of great repute.

Some of the top architecture design universities where you can pursue your architecture course from are:


1.    American University of Dubai (AUD)


AUD is a private university that offers a US-style architectural education designed to meet the standards of NAAB (National Architecture Accrediting Board) in the States. The Department of Architecture at AUD is a member of the ACSA (Association Collegiate Schools of Architecture), and regular workshops are organized in the campus for the students where they can explore their prowess in the field.

2.    American University of Sharjah (AUS)


The undergraduate school of AUS offers specialization in architecture, interior design, multimedia design, visual communication plus design management, and a graduate programme in urban planning. It is one of the finest architecture design universities of Dubai. The college provides a good platform for budding architects by imparting a deep understanding of the culture prevalent in the UAE and at other places in the world so that they are acquainted with versatile styles and design of super structures. Most of the graduates become practicing professionals in international companies in UAE, USA or elsewhere.


3.    Canadian University of Dubai


A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture spans across 5 years in CUD. Once graduated, students can apply in various fields such as architecture, urban design, real estate, municipalities, government offices, teaching positions, construction and project management, landscape and interior design and many more. The courses listed under the programme are recognized by the Canadian Architecture Certification Board (CACB). The programme focuses on a variety of topics like environmental design, architectural conservation and ecology, urban study, integrated design, construction technology.

Dubai in the past has witnessed spectacular designs and buildings. ‘The Cloud’ for example, is a majestic design for a resort city that is 300 m above ground level. ‘Dancing Towers’ is another overwhelming building located in Dubai’s bay development area. The two buildings rise up from the ground and intertwine with each other at the top. ‘Opus’, ‘Dubai Renaissance’, ‘0-14 Tower’ are a few architectural marvels that have taken the architectural design industry by storm. Studying architecture from Dubai in some of the finest architecture design universities has certainly an edge over other countries especially in the middle-east owing to a presence of several international architecture firms in the region. Plus, the rate of students getting placed with these firms is quite high.