Positives and Negatives of Studying Overseas

Of course, studying abroad is an exciting prospect. You are fresh out of school and you feel the world is your platform. Experiencing a new culture, making new friends and being independent are major reasons that instigate you to take that decision. However, like everything else, studying overseas has its own set of positives and negatives. Read on.




1. Studying abroad makes you smart: Students who study abroad have a knack for thinking on their feet in order to survive the cultural gap. Prospective employers take note of this when selecting candidates. This is especially true for those looking for a job in marketing, finance or sales as they will have to deal with individuals from different cultures, especially when the company is branching out overseas.

2. It makes you more confident: If you are an introvert, then going to a new country will definitely change that about you. You will have to approach new people and make friends on your own. This will obviously boost your self-confidence and make you a more independent person.

3. You gain a more open-minded perspective on things: Each country has their own innovative teaching methodology that is employed to teach students. Learning things with a different medium ensures a fresh perspective about everything. This not only helps in impressing the prospective employers but also makes you a more open-minded person.

4. Experience a new culture: Not everyone gets to experience an entirely different culture. You are lucky if you get to do so. As you explore a new culture, you become more open to trying new things. It increases your thirst to learn more. In the end, it makes you a better person.




1. Adapting to a new culture can be tough: Having to let go of your old habits and adapt to a completely new culture isn’t easy. Approaching people also seems like a task. While some students adapt quickly, others might not feel at home even after a year!

2. Language is a barrier: Communication can be a major problem if you cannot speak the native language of the country you are going to. So it is better to at least learn the basics of that language when in that country.

3. Studying abroad is an expensive option: Even though there is ample financial aid for students, cost is an important factor when it comes to studying overseas. You have to make a conscious effort to keep your expenses under control at all times.


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