Role of Montessori Methodology in Preschools

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Humans are called humans because of a reason. There is something, which separates them from the other species. You can help a person to walk, talk, and eat; however, it is the education that differentiates those persons from the ones who aren’t as evolved. The minds of young ones, over the years, have been greatly evolved with the kind of education they receive. It not only shapes their minds, but also helps them learn new skills, and sometimes those skills could be life altering. We must not forget the influence of the Montessori system of education while talking about young ones, and the state of preschool education in India. The system that has been widely adopted by various preschools across India has played a vivacious role in nurturing the process of early childhood education.

You are free to dissect the Montessori education system, analyse its various shortcomings and strengths. The Italian physician by profession and educator by profession – Maria Montessori – hold’s the key to this system of education. It was she who, after a dedicated research, adopted this teaching methodology in the Indian preschools. Primarily, this philosophy, which was founded by Maria Montessori, lays emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

It focuses majorly on enthusiastic child development, where a lot of thought is given on emphasising the development of emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of the child. In addition, this provides the children the necessity ingredients of their development. Notably, for an optimal development of their motor skills, it allows them to choose and act freely within an environment.

The principles such as, exploration, activity, order, orientation, and purposeful activity are given primary importance in this model. Further, the Montessori system of education focuses on free activity within a “prepared environment”, in other words, an environment tailored specifically for basic human wants and needs, and those of children at different ages, not forgetting the individual personalities the children possess. The sole purpose of the environment is to help and allow the child to develop independence in every term, according to his or her inner psychological potential.

The Indian Montessori Organisation is one such initiative taken up by the Indian officials in expanding awareness about the Montessori philosophy in the Indian educational system. Our country was one of the first few countries to focus the impact of this system on the preschools in India. In addition, its propagation and implementation of this system can be easily witnessed all around. And therefore, with the introduction of the newly implemented ECCE policy, the Indian pre-primary education has made a significant progress and the Montessori system of education has provided a big leap towards such development.