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The ‘fall’ admission session is round the corner, and most of you must have decided on the dream education destination. For a prospective international student, studying abroad can be an exciting as well as a scary experience. The apprehensions about adjusting to life in a new city can be never ending and couple it with the idea of relocating to an all-new country, and many start losing their sleep over it. Finding a decent place to live abroad is not easy, and the fact that most of us don’t enjoy the kind of financial backing to be able to find a magnanimous place to live in, makes the course even more arduous. Even though, it is highly advisable that a prospective student should choose to stay on a campus accommodation, yet, some times because of unforeseen circumstances, it can be difficult to find yourself a seat in the university dorm.

The biggest lesson, which one can learn by staying in an accommodation, is to persist until you find the right place. A “home away from home”, where you can focus on learning new skills – the reason why you chose to come there in the first place.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect student accommodation:

  • Start early

Start looking for a residence to live as soon as you get your admission confirmed, and don’t be scared to ask your host university for recommendations. The latest advents in science and a host of third party accommodation platforms – the one like ours – come in handy during this period. Surf their websites to look for your perfect place to live.

  • Talk to final year students

Also, look for advice from final year students, many universities have well established alumni networks where you can connect with students and seek answers to your queries. Moreover, you can also raise your issues in front of year-abroad veterans and find out about recommended accommodations. Always remember that you aren’t alone and there are a host of companies out there, ready to help you.

  • Start interacting with people through social networks

Sometimes the best way to find a place is social networks. Social networking is the biggest tool, by help of which a student sitting thousands of miles away could easily interact with online communities and seek advice. Also, one can use social media to interact with their prospective tenants which could further strengthen their relationship.

  • Be adventurous

Although it is always advisable to find yourself a student housing option, however, it is not to say that it is the only option available for the students. For instance, dorms in Europe tend to be less sociable than the ones in USA and local students, typically, prefer to go home at the weekend. Also, looking for a flat sharing option with native speakers is always recommended.

  • Beware of untrustworthy contacts

Before you deposit the insurance money to your tenant, it is always advisable that you double check their credentials with the local authority, just to save yourself the ordeal of getting stuck in a dubious deal. Always remember that online photos can be misleading, therefore go and look for yourself. Make sure there is a proper contract involved, if you are staying somewhere for more than a month.

However, if you still can’t find someplace to live; don’t think of it as the end of the world, booking a cheap hotel or a friend’s couch is the next plausible solution and it would also give you some time to find yourself a decent place to move into. The same holds relevance even if your accommodation turns out to be an absolute disaster. If you’re miserable, then move; don’t make friends with the place, till the time you find yourself a decent place to live in. Always remember, your living circumstances will certainly influence your studies and graduate results. In addition, if, during your job interview, the interviewee asks you to define a moment in life you triumphed over adversity, you can always quote this experience of finding yourself a decent place to live in, in an alien country – a perfect story to get you your dream job! 😉


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