Strategy and Tips For Cat 2015

Tips For Cat 2015

With every passing day, the preparation for CAT 2015 has to be more intense and prominent. The exam is scheduled to be held on 29 November, 2015. The CAT 2015 notification was announced in last week on July, and the countdown for the exam has already begun. With just three months left for it, the anxiety for the exam is already soaring high. It is also because unlike other competitive exams, the CAT is sure to come up with new surprises every year, which further adds to the pressure. So before you start your final preparation, read some tips elucidated below that will surely help you in the long term to nail one of the most competitive exams across the globe.

(CAT 2015 Last week preparation tips)

Here are some tips for CAT 2015 exam:
  1. Self-analysis – Before you plan your preparation schedule, it is very important to know where you stand. Self- analysis will help you know about your strengths and weaknesses and thus, you can plan your preparation well ahead. Get your hands on the CAT study material, CAT syllabus, and practice some sample papers. Once you know which area you lack in, you can easily plan more time for it and balance it with the area demanding lesser time. Also, not just before the initiation of the preparation, but also during the preparation, one should keep analyzing the things so that you know where to put your efforts that will fetch you the required results.
  1. Time management – As it is rightly said, “Time is money” and this becomes even more apt in the case of students. These three months, if not valued and used judiciously, will fly with a blink of an eye. For that, you need to plan your schedule in such a way that everything is covered well in time. You must not leave anything for the last day, as it gets too late by then. Instead, an efficient time management strategy will also save you from the pressure that builds up when one is not able to meet their expectations. Lastly, always adhere to the notion that “The best time to start anything is now”. There are a whole host of top CAT Coaching institutes which will help you provide specialized training programs.
  1. Set short-term goals This is something, which is generally ignored by most of us. While making the plans in the long term, we often forget to analyze the same in the short-term, so as to check whether that is possible in practicality. You must set the target for each day, which you have to achieve, then pull up socks and start with your work. Finally, at the end of the day, you must observe how much is done and should work upon if there is anything lacking in the schedule.
  1. Plan a strategy Whether you are appearing for the first time or you have some prior experience of the exam, it is very important that you plan a strategy for the exam, as there would be no time for it later. Explore the various kinds of strategies as much as you can make out and then finalize on one. It will not only save you a great amount of time that you might waste in deciding the questions, which you might attempt first, or which section you might be planning to do, and finally what to do and what not do. Think about this famous quote of Steve Jobs, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do”.
  1. Put your 100 % effort – There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you put your 100% in it. Whether you crack the exam or not, do not cut down on your efforts fearing the negative results. You must work with full dedication and strong determination till the very last day. Remember, assuming your results may not help, but putting your extra efforts surely will.

With these tips and your hard work, you are sure to come up with flying colors. All the Best!


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