top 10 educational apps for students and teachers

Top 10 Educational Apps for Students

top 10 educational apps for students and teachers

Gone are the days when you needed a chalk and a slate to study. Gone are the days when you needed books and bags weighing over 10kgs. Gone are the days when you shared a PC in your school’s computer lab, and waited eagerly to lay your hands on that ‘awe-inspiring’ machine.

Move on PCs; smartphones are in! Smartphones are ubiquitous these days. From homes to classrooms; hospitals to workplaces; villages to super smart cities; they have influenced the lives of each section of the society.

They have easily replaced feature phones and the presence of a plethora of apps and mediums of connectivity between individual phones is making their presence even more widespread. A smartphone and a plethora of top educational apps, which house them are a manifold of possibilities.

Imagine, how easy it will be for school kids if they weren’t supposed to carry those heavy school bags? What if there was an app that could enable kids to share notes, topics, and work without having to pen down everything? What if there was an app which could enable you to read thousands of notes on molecular science, with just a few clicks on your smartphones? All these would have been a couple of “what ifs”, if it wasn’t for the brilliant minds who innovated a whole lot of products that have altered the magnitudes of not just the education industry, but almost all others too.

Another reason that has led to such a huge success of these top educational apps is their proximity to the customers and their inclination towards user-experience. Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are much more intimate than a pen and a paper, or a conventional book. It is not to say that suddenly the importance and role of books be neglected, but take a moment to ponder over the impact that these apps have had in our lives. Let’s talk in the context of the education industry, where these educational apps are a boon for millions of kids as well as teachers. Therefore, the time is ripe that one recognizes the importance of theses apps and acknowledges their role in shaping the education market.

Top 10 Educational Apps that are an absolute must haves for Students

1)    Dropbox


Apps, smartphones, and tablets have stormed into classrooms around the world. The role they have played is revolutionary, to say the least. These apps, coupled with the mammoth potential of cloud computing, have led to huge windfall gains across the spectrum.

Features: – Dropbox is one such app, which enables students and teachers to store their data on the cloud. It saves the students from the burden of carrying bag and books. All they need is internet connectivity and an account on Dropbox, and they are good to go. For instance, a student can make changes to their documents on one device and those changes will be magically implemented across all the connected devices.

Also, this allows students to store their digital documents, certificates, and classroom notes securely in the cloud. In short Dropbox is a unique combination of many things – a multifaceted tool that’s so powerful, especially for students, that it will just blow them away with its potential. That’s the power of cloud computing, that’s the power of Dropbox! A boon for the students.

2)    Khan Academy


Features: – This app aims to offer free, world-class education for anyone across the strata. Khan Academy boasts of more than 4200 instructional videos, and a whole lot of content from chemistry and mathematics to molecular physics. The instructional videos are available FREE online or via apps for iOS and Windows 8. Also, this educational app covers math topics from kindergarten to university level.

Imagine its potential, if you aren’t fortunate enough to study in some high profile schools or lack access to quality teachers and educational resources. The app is a boon for you as it empowers the students to think beyond the boundaries and limitations and access the world of information at their fingertips.

3)    RescueTime


RescueTime is an educational app that is a boon for the students who suffer from time-management issues. Yes, you read it right! TIME-MANAGEMENT ISSUES!

Features: – Available for desktops, once downloaded, the app runs in the background and calculates how you spend your time and prepares an inimitable database that can empower you to manage your time more efficiently and effectively. The app is available both as a FREE download or as a paid subscription, however, we assure you that you won’t regret spending money on it.

Besides that, this app is a must have for the parents, who want to track and monitor their child’s time spend on the Internet.

4)    myHomework


Hey, that note planner that you are hauling around? That’s so 1995. Move over to the new millennium with a digital version of your day planner – myHomework.

Features: – Available both for desktop and as an app for Android, iOS, Windows OS, and Chrome, myHomework allows you to track assignments, class schedules, projects, test performance, and much more. For instance, if you want to track an assignment deadline or progress, just enter its name and the app will give you the complete details, including each day’s progress.

This educational app is a must have for all those seeking to bring some continuity and consistency in their homework. Especially for those, who have a knack of finishing their work at the last moment. It is one of the best educational apps out there.

5)    CliffsNotes


Students love them, teachers hate them, and now they are available in an app.

Features: – The app is available for FREE for iOS devices and consists of a plethora of notes on various educational and informative topics. In short, this educational app saves you the trouble of making notes. It allows you to concentrate on classroom modules, rather than scribbling down points.

More often than not, students sometimes want to study in detail about the topics that interest them. For such students, CliffsNotes is a godsend. It allows you to read about the topics that interest you without having to stop by your teacher.

6)    EverNote


EverNote, for students, is an invaluable tool that supports them in their research.

Features: – Whether you are studying for your test/exam or jotting down your notes, chances are that you are spending more time congregating the notes than actually studying. Here comes an educational app – EverNote – that gets all your notes together across your devices – Android, iOS, Windows 8, PC, Mac, and Chrome books. For students, it is an ultimate research tool that allows them to organize their research and restructure the collaboration process.

Also, its cloud computing abilities add more value to a ground-breaking product.

7)    Timetable


Timetable is one of the most prevalent student planner apps. It finds multiple utilities not just for the high school students, but also for the college goers.

Features: – For students, who are jostling to get their timings and schedules right, the organisation is a key requisite for proactive and healthy lifestyle. This educational app not only helps to save on the paper, but their presence on smartphones helps the students to keep their schedules updated. The ‘Timetable’ is particularly famous for its clean and beautiful interface – designed specifically for the young seminal minds.

This app allows students to map their timetables and class schedules. Also, it is yet another cloud computing app, therefore changes made on one device are magically implemented across all the devices.

8)    EasyBib


For all those who have spent countless hours penning down hefty bibliography, you must be aware of the amount of hard work and effort such accomplishments utilize.

Features: – Easybib is an extremely useful and efficient app, designed for students, that allows them to create various academic references. Users just have to click pictures of their books into their devices and, voila, they are good to go.

Has there ever been a better utility tool for the researchers?

9)    ExamTime


Features: – ExamTime is primarily a revision app that is used by the students to create revision charts, mind maps, flash cards, notes, and quizzes. Also, it enables students to focus on revising the important components of their notes. However, presently, the app is only available on the desktops, but soon it can be expected on the mobile ecosystem.

The biggest advantage of using this app is that its FREE and aims to help students better their academic results and scores. Apart from the students, this educational app is a must have for teachers as well as it allows them to gauge the class involvement.

10) Edmodo


Features: – Edmodo has been yet another app that allows the students to discuss their notes and share their work privately. Furthermore, the app enables the teachers to work closely with the students and help them perform to their potential.

To summarize, Edmodo is an easy way to get students connected so they can safely collaborate, get and stay organized, and access assignments, grades, and school performance report across the echelons of devices. Students can create multiple groups in various categories and can easily cooperate with their peers.

These are just a few of the thousands of educational apps, which are out in the domain. That said, it’s not easy to find the one app that is widely used, but rest assured there some, which are used more than the others. For example, Edmodo, Khan Academy, and Dropbox are widely used across schools, colleges, or other educational institutes. Ultimately, whichever app you choose may also depend upon factors like your preference, usability, and ease of use. Yet one thing is for certain, the smartphone and app ecosystem is here to stay, and the time is now ripe that you include them in your lifestyle to boost your academic potential and performance.

The question that haunts us is “how sustainable is this development, and where does it lead? In summary, our analysis shows that apps will eventually be as important, if not more, for students as pen and paper”.