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Top Five Places to study Abroad

Since childhood, education and vacation have always been on opposite ends of the spectrum. We go on a vacation to take a break from education, that’s how it has been always. But what if you could combine education with a vacation by studying at one of the top five places to study abroad, in a beautiful city that teeming with culture and visual delights? The following is a list of universities that you should consider if you want to study in a place that will have your peers green with envy. A bit of warning, you may decide to stay there forever.

Top 5 places to study Abroad

Bond University – Gold Coast, Australia

Bond University is located on the beautiful and luxurious Gold Coast of Australia that surrounded by beautiful beaches and the happening night life topped off with that famous Aussie hospitality. The campus itself is known for its landscape and the staff and faculty are extremely knowledgeable. The university is located near the beaches and has local wildlife (including kangaroos) inside the campus.


Keio Univerity – Tokyo, Japan

As the first private institution for higher learning in Japan, Keio University understand the importance hiring qualified staff and faculty. The university doesn’t just focus on academics, they also ensure that students build an honourable character and are inculcated with morals and intelligence that will shape the students into citizens worthy of any nation. Once there, do make sure to soak in the Niwa No Yu hot springs and relax after a stressful day of studying. Truly one of the top places to study abroad.


Universidad VERITAS – San José, Costa Rica

The VERITAS University is known for its regional focus in art, design as well as architecture. The programs and courses at Universidad VERITAS are quite demanding and makes use of a very unique approach when it comes to education. The University offers excellent opportunities in the field of audiovisual, design as well as architecture. The city itself is surrounded by 3 volcanoes as well as numerous farms and plantations that make for an excellent weekend getaway.


Fudan University – Shanghai, China

Located in one of the biggest cities in China, Fudan University offers students a very homely and comfortable campus that they can stay at night while they explore is magnificent city whenever they get time. The university, amongst the top places to study abroad, offers a variety of courses with plenty of options to intern within the city. The students are housed in a fully furnished apartment and there are English speaking students that will help ease you in the university till you pick up the language.


University of Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa

The University of Cape Town is well known for its beautiful surroundings and overwhelming beauty thanks to its location at the base of Table Mountain. Each morning, you will be greeted with panoramic views of the entire city. The university’s staff is also quite diverse and hail from all corners of the globe. The university has partnered with leading African as well as International institutions that further enhance the university’s cultural diversity.