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Last month, when the CBSE 12th results were released, I heard about this boy Hemang, who scored 95% in the board examinations. And he was sad, terribly disappointed. Reason- he wouldn’t be able to get into Delhi University. Well, that was when it just shook me, and I was grieved to realise the cut-throat competition that has overshadowed the lives of the young adults with fear, worry, and anxiety. For us, even 75% was a good score, and a reason to celebrate. But with colleges getting highly selective and the job market uncertain, the whole education scenario today has become more stressful than ever.

The fight for a prestigious college has become so intense that students consider getting into an IIT or IIM something without which there is no life. Notably, students have started preferring a college over a course. They compromise their desired course to get into their dream college. After all, the name has become so important.

If you are too facing this phase of life where nothing seems less than a race, then wait, life could be easier. Though it has become very challenging, there are ways you can equip yourself to win this challenge. Following are some things you should keep in mind to survive this struggle and make the best choice for yourself.

First of all, Relax!
You need to calm down first and have confidence in yourself. Know that the skies would not fall if you don’t get into that college, which has taken away your sleep. Only when you are relaxed and peaceful, can you give your best and achieve success.

Do not compare!
One of the biggest worries is that all your friends have got into good colleges or have got settled, unlike you. Remember that each person has a unique set of aptitudes, interest and capabilities. What is best for them, might not be good for you. It isn’t a wise act to try to match the speed of others.

Define your own success
Every person has their own definition of success, create your own! Many a times we unknowingly start measuring our success in terms of what our friends believe. You need to check your mind getting influenced there. Find out what is best for you, through brainstorming, various offline and online aptitude tests, personality tests or consult a counsellor, or discuss it with parents and elders. Get to know for sure about your personal interests and aims.

Expand your knowledge and skill domain
Continue gaining knowledge through coaching and preparatory courses, do not sit idle. Also, make efforts to develop various skills like confidence and communication through skill training workshops, leadership workshops. Also, consider being active and involved in co-curricular activities inside and outside school. All this would help you in clearing interviews and having an edge over other students.

Apply Early
Often, students take too long to submit their applications while applying for admissions. It is preferred if you apply at the earliest and submit your application on time.

Accept Rejections
It is absolutely alright if you do not get selected at some place. Do not get depressed, know that there isn’t an end to the options. The worst that can happen is that you get into a wrong college, but even then it is your hard work and skills that count. You can achieve great heights even without a college. Besides, rejections make you stronger and actually add flavour to life.

Keep backup options
Be open to more than one college and apply for admission at many colleges, at least 6-7. You can keep your own priorities and favourites, but it always makes sense to keep backups ready in case you miss your most preferred choice.

At last, know that everything just works out fine and you have the ability to do the best with your life.


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Post result stress management for parents

Stress management tips for parents

Parenting can be very stressful and the stress management can become elusively horrendous for many. I do not say this from a personal experience, rather by observing. It is said that the months of March and May are stressful for children. However, the stress level amongst parents during this period cannot be fathomed. It doesn’t matter if you are a single parent or whether you have one child or many; also the stress levels aren’t directly proportional to your child’s ability. In a world with ever changing performance parameters and increasing competition, children face an uphill task of outscoring their peers.

The annual CBSE class 12 exam, this year, witnessed a surge in the number of registrations with almost 11 lakh students appearing for the exam. Now compare it to the mediocre state of many of our higher education institutes and you could easily understand the emotions through which many parents go through. That said, what many parents forget is the fact that children should not be bound by their urgency to see their child become engineers or doctors. There are many different fields available for them to forge their careers in. If parents cannot effectively deal with their personal stress levels, it will be doubly more difficult for their children to look for positivity.

Stress management tips for Parents:

Find the right information

The first piece of advice for parents is not to panic – there are ample resources available to consult. For instance, our own portal – Global Educates – offers a plethora of information, like the courses offered to students, faculties, institutes, and much more. Also, parents can consult specialized CBSE helplines. Often, parents neglect the importance of consulting a career counsellor to discuss their child’s shortcomings and seek advice on future course of action. Parents can do a great deal when it comes to encouragement and sustenance. Always remember, stress management is the primary way of dealing with the various challenges posed by your child’s poor display at the annual class 12 results.

Think through your decisions

The other common mistake which parents make while dealing with their child’s poor results is rushing into making decisions. It is obvious for a parent to get annoyed at an apparent lack of effort or preparation. That said, don’t undermine the hard work put in by your child; appreciate it and encourage them to achieve more. No child studies to score low marks, however, certain situations make it horribly difficult for children to overcome. Instead, focus on encouraging your child to look at the positives and work to better their weaknesses. It is one of the most important components of stress management for parents.

A gap year

A gap year spent travelling or pursuing a field of interest can add a great deal to your child’s CV. Sometimes your child’s inability to seek admission after class 12 is more about the competition than their ability. Work experience, especially if it shows that your child can work in a team, is always appreciated and will tackle anything. Click here to read about how a gap year might be the ‘next’ stress management tool for you.

The key to stress management is to build a never say die attitude in your child. Don’t robotically assume that college is your child’s first choice, and remember if they are unsuccessful in getting admission this time, they might find that a year at college has been more beneficial, especially since that can offer more hand-holding than university, which is what some students need. Remember, rather than negativity and constant bickering, what your child needs the most is support during such testing times.

Stress management isn’t difficult, especially dealing with stress of your child’s poor score in class 12 results, however, inactions of parents and their reluctance to deal with the stress is worrisome.

CBSE CLASS 12 Results

Poor Class 12 Results, What Next?

Dont get depressed by class 12 results

In an exam that witnessed crowds of over 10 Lakh, there are bound to be students scoring marks on the lower end of the table in their class 12 results. The official figures released – after the announcement of class 12 results – by the CBSE point that almost 85% students managed to pass the annual exam. Out of that, only 10% managed to score 90% or above in the class 12 results. And if you belong to the category of the underachieving students, then this article is tailor made for you. The first thing that flashes across my mind after reading the detailed analysis of the exam is how negative students get after facing a bout of poor scores. That said, getting good marks is a great thing, yet, it is certainly not the only thing in a learner’s life. It is worthy if you get great marks, but what if you don’t? What should you do? What options are you left with? This blog provides comprehensions into the career options available for those students who did not score well in the class 12 results.

William Faulkner, once famously said, “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” Yes, I know it is quite easy to quote famous personalities, however, it is literally impossible for a student, who is stuffed with a baggage of negativity and peer pressure.

Don’t let your chips down, even if you have scored less in the class 12 results, there are plenty of career options available, however, all you need is a positive attitude and a zeal to succeed. To further assist you in finding the perfect college, I have listed a few options that you can follow.

Careers after class 12 results

  • Fashion Designing: For those of you, who are always on the lookout for the most colourful of dresses and attired in a most modern piece of clothing, fashion industry is a stream which you may prosper. The ever evolving field of fashion industry has brought about a lot of challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Also, the nominal tuition fee is another attraction towards the course.
  • Photography: Your knack of picking out the beauty of the most serene surroundings, inclination towards technology, and a fine sense of ‘colours’, point towards a career in photography. Institutes like the FTII, Pune, offer you the perfect opportunity to pursue a career in photography. Don’t let your poor class 12 results hinder your growth and curtail your future avenues. If you think you have it in you, don’t look back and start pursuing your dreams.
  • Aviation & Hospitality Management: To join a flight crew course, all you need is a pleasing personality, good communication skills, and a positive attitude. Yes, it is that simple! Furthermore, the career offers you an option of pursuing your graduation through correspondence, to enhance your qualification. The average fee for a one-year diploma programme in Aviation & Hospitality Management is around ₨ 80,000.
  • Writing: Passionate about penning your thoughts down or love crunching words and phrases? The career in Mass Communication and Journalism awaits you! Don’t get too bogged down by your poor class 12 results. The course will offer you a great opportunity of getting into a reputed media house as a journalist or into the advertising industry.
  • Sports: Join a professional academy, if you like a certain sport and pursue your graduation side-by-side through correspondence. Also, you can apply in various universities under the sports quota. It is a well-known fact – your mind is as healthy as your body, and a strong foundation is paramount to achieving a perfect career.
  • Animation: Slowly, the world is getting apprehended by the world of animation and artificial intelligence, and future prospect for an animation student are both bright as well as promising, therefore a career in this field is advisable. Also, the latitude of animation industry is enormous. If the tuition fee is not a concern for you, then it is advisable to seek a career in animation and cinematography. Click here to check out the top three animation colleges in India
  • Sales and marketing: So, you think you can sell eggs to a hen? A diploma course in sales and marketing may be your cup of tea and the perfect recipe of success after facing the dejections of your class 12 results. Moreover, if you can take the trouble of learning a foreign language, your chances of getting recruited by a multinational corporation increase significantly. Join a similar course at graduation to up your skills.

The world can accommodate only so many engineers and medical practitioners, therefore the time is ripe that you look beyond these fields and look towards the path less travelled.