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Student Checklist – A College Planning Guide

Campus Life for college bound students

Life after high school is strange, you no longer smile indulgently and say “I want to be a ‘doctor’, a ‘lawyer’, or an ‘engineer’”, because now, the questions are more specific (and uncomfortable too, if you are on a lookout for a college): “What stream are you going to take up?” or “Which colleges have you applied to?” or “Are you preparing for any competitive exams?’ or “What is your college plan?” Your answers are scrutinized more seriously; so maybe it’s time for you to be serious about your future too!

However, don’t get too bogged down by the prospect of joining a college. Trust me when I say this – by the time you finish your first year, college will form an integral part of your life; one without which you cannot envisage yourself. College plays a significant role in shaping the growth of an individual. Apart from the course certification, it is the place where an individual embarks on his journey from teenage years to adulthood. The experiences, which one gains during this period are important as well as instrumental. However, for most high-school students, college is like an abyss. They aren’t sure about what to expect and thus look towards college with skepticism. Therefore, here is a checklist for each high-school students which they can use to evaluate their undergraduate options.

College Planning Guide:

Choose your course well

In India, students have to choose their course in class tenth itself, as after grade tenth students study specialized subjects related to their stream. You will be choosing from the streams like – commerce, humanities, or science – based on your interests and preferences. The lack of flexibility in Indian colleges, forces you to pursue what you studied in grades 11 and 12 – for instance, if you choose to take up humanities after grade 10th, dropping science, it becomes almost impossible to take an engineering or science course later in college/university. It is advised that if you are torn up between options, pick the Science stream as it will give you the freedom to switch to Humanities or Commerce later; it is impossible to do the other way around if you change your mind.


Take professional help

This period, understandably, can be a time of uncertainty. Take help from an education counselor who can analyze your aptitude and preferences and help you make a choice. An education counselor assesses the students by testing their aptitude, intelligence, and personality quotients, which help a counselor to evaluate the student’s potential and assess their verbal and numerical reasoning skills. The students can also meet with experts from their chosen field to ask for help and guidance in this crucial period.

Do your initial research

An initial research is always beneficial, once you have chosen a stream to pursue in college/university. Many ‘professional’ or ‘vocational’ courses have very limited seats; hence, you can only get admission in a college or a university after clearing a competitive exam. You must be aware of many important facts – such as the dates of these exams, the registration process, fees, and the minimum marks required to clear such exams. A candidate who will be well prepared for the exam will have better odds of getting selected in a course of his/her choice.

These three steps, if followed, can go a long way in shaping your overall performance and can lead to a very conducive period in college. Please click here to read PART-2.

CBSE CLASS 12 Results

Poor Class 12 Results, What Next?

Dont get depressed by class 12 results

In an exam that witnessed crowds of over 10 Lakh, there are bound to be students scoring marks on the lower end of the table in their class 12 results. The official figures released – after the announcement of class 12 results – by the CBSE point that almost 85% students managed to pass the annual exam. Out of that, only 10% managed to score 90% or above in the class 12 results. And if you belong to the category of the underachieving students, then this article is tailor made for you. The first thing that flashes across my mind after reading the detailed analysis of the exam is how negative students get after facing a bout of poor scores. That said, getting good marks is a great thing, yet, it is certainly not the only thing in a learner’s life. It is worthy if you get great marks, but what if you don’t? What should you do? What options are you left with? This blog provides comprehensions into the career options available for those students who did not score well in the class 12 results.

William Faulkner, once famously said, “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” Yes, I know it is quite easy to quote famous personalities, however, it is literally impossible for a student, who is stuffed with a baggage of negativity and peer pressure.

Don’t let your chips down, even if you have scored less in the class 12 results, there are plenty of career options available, however, all you need is a positive attitude and a zeal to succeed. To further assist you in finding the perfect college, I have listed a few options that you can follow.

Careers after class 12 results

  • Fashion Designing: For those of you, who are always on the lookout for the most colourful of dresses and attired in a most modern piece of clothing, fashion industry is a stream which you may prosper. The ever evolving field of fashion industry has brought about a lot of challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Also, the nominal tuition fee is another attraction towards the course.
  • Photography: Your knack of picking out the beauty of the most serene surroundings, inclination towards technology, and a fine sense of ‘colours’, point towards a career in photography. Institutes like the FTII, Pune, offer you the perfect opportunity to pursue a career in photography. Don’t let your poor class 12 results hinder your growth and curtail your future avenues. If you think you have it in you, don’t look back and start pursuing your dreams.
  • Aviation & Hospitality Management: To join a flight crew course, all you need is a pleasing personality, good communication skills, and a positive attitude. Yes, it is that simple! Furthermore, the career offers you an option of pursuing your graduation through correspondence, to enhance your qualification. The average fee for a one-year diploma programme in Aviation & Hospitality Management is around ₨ 80,000.
  • Writing: Passionate about penning your thoughts down or love crunching words and phrases? The career in Mass Communication and Journalism awaits you! Don’t get too bogged down by your poor class 12 results. The course will offer you a great opportunity of getting into a reputed media house as a journalist or into the advertising industry.
  • Sports: Join a professional academy, if you like a certain sport and pursue your graduation side-by-side through correspondence. Also, you can apply in various universities under the sports quota. It is a well-known fact – your mind is as healthy as your body, and a strong foundation is paramount to achieving a perfect career.
  • Animation: Slowly, the world is getting apprehended by the world of animation and artificial intelligence, and future prospect for an animation student are both bright as well as promising, therefore a career in this field is advisable. Also, the latitude of animation industry is enormous. If the tuition fee is not a concern for you, then it is advisable to seek a career in animation and cinematography. Click here to check out the top three animation colleges in India
  • Sales and marketing: So, you think you can sell eggs to a hen? A diploma course in sales and marketing may be your cup of tea and the perfect recipe of success after facing the dejections of your class 12 results. Moreover, if you can take the trouble of learning a foreign language, your chances of getting recruited by a multinational corporation increase significantly. Join a similar course at graduation to up your skills.

The world can accommodate only so many engineers and medical practitioners, therefore the time is ripe that you look beyond these fields and look towards the path less travelled.