Top engineering coaching centres

Top Engineering Coaching Centres in India

Coaching centres have become extremely popular these days with thousands of students enrolling in order to achieve their dream of clearing IIT-JEE and becoming an engineer. However, choosing a coaching centre from a wide range of options in the country can be quite difficult. To make things easier for aspiring engineers, here’s a list of top coaching institutes for IIT-JEE in India.


1. Resonance: This coaching centre has been around since 2001 and has 12 classroom program study centres spread across the country. There are over 300 faculty members out of which 25% are from the IITs.


2. FITJEE: FIITJEE coaching centres can be found in 35 branches all over the country with hostel facilities in Delhi, Coimbatore, Kochi and Vijaywada. There were nearly 4,000 students from FIITJEE achieving an All India Rank in JEE (Mains) and JEE (Advance).


3. Aakash Institute: Aakash Institute is one of the most well known institutes in the country and its students continue to deliver excellent results in engineering as well and medical entrance exams. The institute has branches in almost all parts of the county.


4. Allen Career Institute: The students from this centre have a history of ranking in the top 10 of IIT-JEE. Its distance learning program is also popular.


5. IITians PACE: This coaching centre was set up 15 years ago to solely help students in getting through good engineering and medical colleges 15 years ago. It now has centres in various cities in India as well as one in Dubai.