Learn Foreign Language

Foreign LanguageLearning a new language isn’t easy. But if you are able to list fluency in more than one language on your resume, then it is definitely a career booster. Moreover, most high schools and colleges in the west have a language requirement. Desire cultural immersion or self-improvement? So if you are planning to study abroad, then knowing a new language can vastly increase your chances of admission. Not only that, for those who are finding it difficult to indulge themselves in any activity during the summer vacations, learning foreign language can be a perfect option to start with. What better way of spending your leisure time than developing a new skill?

Also, many wonder, “What is the best way to learn a foreign language?”

Well my advice is you can start watching movies with subtitles or by reading online publications.

Yes, learning foreign language is hard and also demands both methodical approach as well as determination. If you are learning your first foreign language, consider the following before enrolling in your preferred language course. So let’s take a look at four such foreign languages that are popular and widely spoken across the globe.

  1. Mandarin Chinese: This dialect is spoken and understood by more than one billion people in the whole world. From a conversational point of view, Mandarin is easier to learn as compared to other Oriental languages such as Japanese and Korean. Mandarin grammar and sentence construction are a lot simpler to grasp. However, it is difficult to memorize the tones used to differentiate words having the same pronunciation.
  2. French: Often considered a ‘sophisticated’ language, French is the official language in over 20 countries. Today, mastering French is easy, thanks to the abundance of free online courses. Anyone with the willingness to learn this language can do so at their convenience. Moreover, if you already know Spanish or Italian, then learning French is a piece of cake!
  3. Spanish: If you know Spanish, then you can easily travel to South America with the knowledge of this one language! Moreover, as the economic importance of Latin America is rapidly increasing, Spanish has become popular among business-people. And, if you are planning to study in the U.S., then picking up Spanish is beneficial as the country is home to a significant number of the world’s Spanish speakers.
  4. German: Despite being a complicated dialect, German is slowly gaining popularity in the world. Having a basic knowledge of this language provides a better cultural understanding of the mid-European region. Speaking and understanding German automatically boosts career prospects in countries such as Germany and certain region of Belgium, which are the hub of many multinational corporations.

Learning a foreign language can become tiresome, so maintain your enthusiasm. Eventually, when you are in a far-off country and effortlessly conversing with native speakers, you know that all your efforts and time will have come to fruition.

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Note: If you are serious about adding a foreign language to your list, then check out websites such as Memrise, Duolingo, and BBC Languages. Also, have fun learning a new language.