Make use of the Management Consulting in your business

Management Consulting is the method of helping organizations to excel in their business by analysing the existing problem and providing a better solution. Nowadays, every business consults a management consultancy to solve their issues. These organizations include businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.




Your business can benefit from a management consultancy in many ways. The reason for you to hire a management consultancy is that they think and work on your behalf for your business elaboration. People who are involved in consulting will be very intelligent enough to analyze the problem, bring about a solution and to communicate professionally with the clients.
Management Consultancies provide services from recruitment to crisis management. A management consulting firm offers services in several fields. Some of them are;
•Strategy Consulting
•IT specialists
•Internal Consulting
•Boutique Consulting
•Independent Consulting

The strategy consulting firms helps organizations to build up a business strategy in order to develop their business or overcome any issues. The consultants gather information about your business. Do a detailed study and research about the field and comes out with a solution. They can also determine the areas of business in which the organization need to concentrate for a better ROI.
IT specialists provide services to an organization in IT sector. This firm needs more consultants when compared to accounting and boutique consultants. One example of the job they are performing is helping the company or employees with installing and using a CRM software or ERP, or else give instructions on encrypting the data for protection or to back up the data.
Internal Consultants usually deals with one client and one employer. That is the company will have their own consulting wing. They will be responsible for all the business operations. From time to time they need to come up with ideas for improving the business. Many large business groups assign Internal Consulting to do these jobs for them.
Boutique consulting firm specializes in a particular area or field of business. They need to focus on a company’s specific requirement and work on it. The areas include Human resource, IT or sometimes outsourcing.
Independent consulting firm is not functioning under a major organization. This type of consulting may be operating individually or with a very small group consisting of 5-6 members or so. Usually the team members will be experienced professionals who had previously worked with a large venture.
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sports management

Sports Management: The Administration of Sports

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a career in sports is to be a professional player. Almost every one of us has, at least once in our lives, dreamt of being able to play one or the other sport professionally. However, with India always known for the pool of engineers and doctors, when pursuing sports professionally you run into several hurdles, the least of all being the obvious lack of organization of sports in the country. This just shows the scope of careers in the management and promotion of sports in India.
Sports management includes the marketing and promotion of the sports, events and even sportspersons. Every sportsperson today, upcoming or established, is affiliated with a sports agency or an individual agent. Marketing and promotion of the individual as a brand is one of the biggest parts of it. Other than dealing with players, the course also includes organization and administration of various sports events and tournaments. Basically, with a career in sports management, you get to work with your first love, sports, and combine it with business and marketing.
Regarding sports education, for a student looking for a professional course in sports management, the basic eligibility criteria is to have a bachelor’s degree in any stream. On the completion of graduation, you can apply for a sports management master’s degree from various colleges in India and abroad. In India, the International Institute of Sports Management and Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science lead the way with sports management degrees and diplomas.

However, the limited number of courses and even more limited exposure, studying sports management abroad is the better option. Studying abroad also provides an added advantage of working in the management and administration of a range of sports other than cricket. So if you are a lover of different sports such as football (soccer if you are in USA), basketball, tennis, badminton or any other and wish to enter the field of management of that particular sport, studying in a university abroad is sure to provide the required exposure.

The best countries to pursue a course in this field are South Africa, Spain, USA and France. The major advantage of studying in any one of these countries is the level of exposure and hands-on experience every student gathers. With each of countries being highly organized in every sport, studying in these countries is sure to provide a great launch pad for a career in sports management.

The top 5 universities / colleges for sports management are:


  1. University of Cape Town, South Africa
  2. IE Business School, Spain
  3. University of Virginia, USA
  4. KEDGE Business School, France
  5. San Diego State University, USA


Each of these colleges / universities offer courses designed specifically to build on every student’s love for sports along with honing their skills in marketing and administration. With large scale sports events being organized in each of these countries and several top athletes coming through their ranks, each of these destinations promises a new experience for the students. The students of these universities get an inclusive education experience with involvement in the organization of various sports events. The students also get to be part of the promotion and administration of these events. It is safe to say that any student completing their sports management degree from any one of these colleges will have more practical than bookish / theoretical knowledge.

A career in sports management is especially rewarding for sports enthusiasts as being totally involved with something you love is a fantastic career choice. So, what do you need in order to establish a career in this field? First things first, you need to have a passion for sports and a flair for administration. A combination of good communication skills, an acute sense of business, patience and a sporting spirit goes a long way in helping you succeed in your career.