Fashion Management

Postgraduate Programs in Fashion Management


Commencing from the initial years, it is how a little girl gazes at her mother, who’s getting ready, applying her vanity, being dressed in those high heels and jewellery, and slowly all of this begins to enthral her mind. She’s mesmerized by the fact of doing all this and looking absolutely perfect. What is it with the advent of girls rushing towards the world of fashion? With the ever increasing globalization and huge brands immigrating to India for showcasing their collections, the need and growth of the human resource in the fashion industry has been evident.

Fashion management entails the promotion of apparel sales and involves different tasks that range from procuring apparel, deciding what clothes to keep in a store at a particular location, marketing and meeting the needs of your target consumers. (Looking for some other graduation options? Click here to know more)

There are various fashion management courses in India.

Fashion Business Management at Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy offers a Fashion Business Management course that focuses on building a basic sense of knowledge on the business intricacies in the fashion industry. They offer various subjects such as Business Environment, Elements of Fashion Design, Fashion Industry Appreciation, Business Statistics and Analytics, Communication Skills and Computer Skills.

Master of Fashion Management at NIFT

NIFT offers a Masters of Fashion Management which is a two year long post graduate course. The program focuses on various areas of specialties such as Merchandising, Marketing, Retailing, Brand Management, Supply Chain Management, Sourcing, Buying, Export Management and Market Research and Forecasting.

Masters of Fashion Management at IIFT

IIFT offers a Masters of Fashion Management and this is a two year post graduate course (one can have a graduate degree in any subject to be eligible). During the first semester, they focus on Textile Studies, Fashion Design Process, Fashion Buying and Sourcing, Fashion Consumer Behavior and Fashion Economics.

During the second semester, students are taught Fashion Forecasting & Analysis, Apparel Production & Quality Management, Fashion Communication, Fashion Business Management and IT Application in the Fashion Industry. During the third semester, they teach Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Retail Management, Fashion Brand Management, Management Information System and Entrepreneurial Development Program and finally, in the fourth semester, students are taught research methodology and are required to write dissertations.