UK Job Market

Which Sectors are the Most Successful in UK Job Market ?

Scoring a high grade, finishing assignments on time and writing a crazy-long dissertation are all good. The booming UK job market is another attraction for students these days. But what everyone really wants to know is which subject in graduation is going to get them the best job opportunity in the United Kingdom?

It’s no secret that UK is one of the most favourite places of Indians to study in or migrate to. And the news is that since 2008, the opportunities for graduates in the global market have dropped down significantly. However, a survey conducted late last year showed a positive swing in market requirements in UK job market.

While recruitment prospects vary from sector to sector; the retail sector, engineering industry, and consultancy groups advertise themselves more to get more fresh graduates. The telecom and IT industries too are increasing the number of their annual vacancies. But for those who aim to become a high profile lawyer or a successful banker, there aren’t enough opportunities in the market.

On the other hand, Teach First, a non-profit organization has single-handedly created a boom in the teaching industry. It fast-tracks graduates from top universities and varied educational backgrounds, into the public school system. The recruits have even gone on record saying that they wish to gather some work experience before they move onto a job in a field of their choice.

Those in creative sectors have good news coming their way. Gone are those days when deciding between fashion designing or becoming an artist was like Sophie’s Choice. Today’s the day when you can opt to study something creative without having to stick to a pre-defined job segment. There are tons of young professionals who use their artistic talents and skills in industries like engineering, entertainment and even healthcare! Web designing, animation, and copy writing are just some of the “creative” career choices popular in UK.

So which sectors are most successful in UK job market? The answer is “none”.