Summer Vacations

It is the time of the year, to which every child looks up to. No more early morning wake up calls, no more classroom deadlines, no more walking up to the bus stop; all these can be replaced with two words – summer vacations. Every family is travelling – or planning to travel and go ‘somewhere’; the annual rejuvenation. For children, summer vacation is a period, for which they meticulously plan for. As soon as they are done with the annual exams in March, all they look up to is the “summer vacations”. Though summer vacations aren’t just for children, but recommended for adults too.

So have you planned your vacations?

Well if you haven’t, then you should.

The summer vacations, because of the fact that how long window they offer, are the best time for you to head out with family and friends and be part of some gorgeous commemorations. They offer the perfect opportunity to relax, revitalize, and bond – that meal shared over a fine bone-fire night or that dip in the gorgeous beaches of Goa can create a long lasting dent of positivity and togetherness. Summer vacations sound like dreams, and just like dreams, they are easy to foresee, however, awfully difficult to materialize; especially when you are planning to travel with kids.

Many exasperated parents complain that there is “something” erroneous in their child’s behaviour, ever since they got back from holidays. In most cases, parents observe that their children are grouchy and fatigued; refusing to get back to routine. The stress levels, in many parents, are alarmingly high, and many rue why in first place they planned the vacation. Can anything be sadder than the fact that something that is meant to be fun and forge strong bonds turns sour like this, just because of one reason – poor planning. A getaway with kids is completely different than the one with adults and therefore both have to be planned considering this. Children enjoy the most when they are allowed to be themselves, in the company of their parents and loved ones. All they demand is undivided attention for a few hours in a day. They have fun when they are allowed to take on challenges that they think they can handle and given time to experiment new tricks. For instance, children will feel lethargic on hectic vacations, carted from one place to the other and forced to do things that do not appeal to them. Also, the other thing which a child hates most are – rushed mornings; this is the reason most children hate going to schools. They do not have fun when they have to travel during unearthly hours, on crammed itineraries.

Some tips while travelling with children during summer vacations:

  • Plan Meticulously

Those off season discounts can be tempting, however, it could also mean that, in the scorching heat, you are in a place where you shouldn’t be with a child. Also, choosing a place, for instance, a hill station, during the summers could mean that you will end up in a crowded place, bustling for peace and calm. This could be more exhaustive and catastrophic. Therefore, choose a place that is off the beaten track and bask in the company of your family.

  • Take Precautions

While indulging in various activities, always keep an eye on your kids, ensure they take every precaution before indulging in any activity. For instance, don’t allow them to dip in the pool unchecked and without proper supervision or play on slides and swings without proper safety gears. However, remember too many rules can also spoil the party, a right amount of liberty coupled with some precautions is the suggestion. For children, unlimited time to play, is all that they want.

  • Hydrate Properly

To ensure that kids drink water frequently, carry enough drinking water – it is summer after all.

  • Eat Properly

During summer vacations, ensure that kids eat healthy food so as to keep their energy levels up. For instance, carry some cereals which can be consumed during travel is all that a child needs. As summer vacations can be very exhaustive for kids, therefore ensure that their diet includes the desired amount to vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

  • Relax

Relaxing time is equally important once you get back from your trip. If you are planning to come back on the last day of the vacation, then beware – it is the most common mistake which many make. Always keep a day or two for yourself and plan accordingly. Your body needs to be distressed and rejuvenated after an exhaustive summer vacation.

Relax – let go of the stress – ramp up the fun – don’t aim at accomplishing anything.

Have fun!