Top Universities in the Netherlands

Top Universities in the Netherlands

Netherlands is easily one of the most liberal and beautiful countries to study in. Their tolerance towards other races and religions is extremely high and their living there is considerably cheaper than living in some of the other European countries. So, here’s a list of some of the top universities in the Netherlands:

University of Amsterdam

Everyone’s heard of Amsterdam and how great it is to vacation and party there however, little has been said on an international level about the college life. The University of Amsterdam appeared on number 62 on the QS World University Rankings for 2012/13 and has an extremely strong international program. The University offers comprehensive courses in subjects like humanities, social and behavioral sciences, law, economics and business, medicine, dentistry and science. It is one of the top universities in the Netherlands.

Leiden University

Leiden University also appeared on the QS World University Rankings for 2012/13 at number 75. This University dates back to 1575 and is one of the most reputed places to study. They believe strongly in the freedom of thought and expression so if you’re the kind of person who loves voicing opinions and thinking for yourself, this just might be the right place for you. They offer courses in various subjects like Archaeology, Campus the Hague, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences with over 50 Bachelors courses and 60 master’s programs.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University was ranked at number 85 on the QS World University Rankings for top universities in the Netherlands 2012/13. Founded in 1636, Utrecht University is considered one of Europe’s leading universities. The fact that they teach students in small groups in order to facilitate concentrated learning and teaching really sets them apart from other universities. They offer various courses in fields of study like Geosciences, Science, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Law, Economics and Governance, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine.

Engineering colleges in India

Engineering Colleges in India – The Cream of the Crop

It is no secret that there is an abundance of engineering colleges in India. With lakhs of engineering students graduating every year, there is a certain section of students which stands head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of the quality of education. These students are the ones who have graduated from the top layer of the engineering colleges in India pool, known as ‘The cream of the crop’.

The IIT complex

The top spot is definitely reserved for the IITs, known as one of the top engineering colleges of India, which have been imparting the highest levels of education for longer than anybody can remember. Amongst the IITs, the old IITs, namely IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Mumbai, IIT-Chennai, IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Kharagpur are considered to be the best. High levels of educations, well-qualified teachers and curricula designed ensure that immediately after graduation, students are ready to walk in to any job in their respective sectors.

The new IITs including IIT-Ropar, IIT-Indore and IIT-Hyderabad also are slowly and surely reaching at the top in terms of quality of education that is synonymous with the name of IIT being maintained. All IITs have great facilities and a highly conducive atmosphere for students to excel in their respective fields.

Non-IITian and proud

Amongst the non-IIT institutes, BITS Pilani and Delhi Technological University are considered to be the best engineering colleges in India. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), situated in Pilani, is known for its excellent infrastructure and academic environment. The faculty in both these institutions is of the highest quality, boasting of years of experience. These institutes offer ample opportunities for the students to develop a specific skill set in their areas of interest.

My son or daughter, the engineer!

The major factor that sets these institutes apart from the rest in India is their support and encouragement for students to research, innovate and develop new technologies. This practice goes a long way in helping the students not just get jobs at esteemed organizations in the country and abroad, but also in creating jobs, which in the current scenario of the country, is a boon in itself.


Dealing with the stress of admission

Right after completing school, students are often faced with a dilemma, with desperation about getting admission into any college providing engineering setting in. This situation is not helped by the parents feeling similar pressures to get their child enrolled for any engineering colleges in India. That is the biggest mistake made on the part of the student and the parents. You want to pursue engineering, work hard and get into a top rung college. If by any chance that does not happen, go back, work harder and try again. You get into a mid or small level college; it gets comparatively harder to excel in your career or even becoming a good engineer.


architecture design universities

Top 3 Architecture Design universities of Dubai

Dubai is a country which boasts of ostentatious, giant sky scrapers. Owing to the flourishing economy and magnificent architectural projects, Dubai has gained global attention in the past few years. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest sky scraper at 2,722 feet. Dubai, popular for its multi-culture and cosmopolitan outlook, is a major destination for higher education in the UAE. Many of the architecture graduates get placed with top international firms working in architecture, town planning and interior designing to name a few. Hence, it is fair to say that the region is home to some of the finest architecture design universities.

Since Dubai is developing at a pace never witnessed before, the region has higher possibilities for budding architects. They are open to numerous opportunities awaiting them in the Emirates. Quite a few architecture universities in Dubai are privately managed, however, they are also internationally recognized and of great repute.

Some of the top architecture design universities where you can pursue your architecture course from are:


1.    American University of Dubai (AUD)


AUD is a private university that offers a US-style architectural education designed to meet the standards of NAAB (National Architecture Accrediting Board) in the States. The Department of Architecture at AUD is a member of the ACSA (Association Collegiate Schools of Architecture), and regular workshops are organized in the campus for the students where they can explore their prowess in the field.

2.    American University of Sharjah (AUS)


The undergraduate school of AUS offers specialization in architecture, interior design, multimedia design, visual communication plus design management, and a graduate programme in urban planning. It is one of the finest architecture design universities of Dubai. The college provides a good platform for budding architects by imparting a deep understanding of the culture prevalent in the UAE and at other places in the world so that they are acquainted with versatile styles and design of super structures. Most of the graduates become practicing professionals in international companies in UAE, USA or elsewhere.


3.    Canadian University of Dubai


A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture spans across 5 years in CUD. Once graduated, students can apply in various fields such as architecture, urban design, real estate, municipalities, government offices, teaching positions, construction and project management, landscape and interior design and many more. The courses listed under the programme are recognized by the Canadian Architecture Certification Board (CACB). The programme focuses on a variety of topics like environmental design, architectural conservation and ecology, urban study, integrated design, construction technology.

Dubai in the past has witnessed spectacular designs and buildings. ‘The Cloud’ for example, is a majestic design for a resort city that is 300 m above ground level. ‘Dancing Towers’ is another overwhelming building located in Dubai’s bay development area. The two buildings rise up from the ground and intertwine with each other at the top. ‘Opus’, ‘Dubai Renaissance’, ‘0-14 Tower’ are a few architectural marvels that have taken the architectural design industry by storm. Studying architecture from Dubai in some of the finest architecture design universities has certainly an edge over other countries especially in the middle-east owing to a presence of several international architecture firms in the region. Plus, the rate of students getting placed with these firms is quite high.