Engineering colleges in India

Engineering Colleges in India – The Cream of the Crop

It is no secret that there is an abundance of engineering colleges in India. With lakhs of engineering students graduating every year, there is a certain section of students which stands head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of the quality of education. These students are the ones who have graduated from the top layer of the engineering colleges in India pool, known as ‘The cream of the crop’.

The IIT complex

The top spot is definitely reserved for the IITs, known as one of the top engineering colleges of India, which have been imparting the highest levels of education for longer than anybody can remember. Amongst the IITs, the old IITs, namely IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Mumbai, IIT-Chennai, IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Kharagpur are considered to be the best. High levels of educations, well-qualified teachers and curricula designed ensure that immediately after graduation, students are ready to walk in to any job in their respective sectors.

The new IITs including IIT-Ropar, IIT-Indore and IIT-Hyderabad also are slowly and surely reaching at the top in terms of quality of education that is synonymous with the name of IIT being maintained. All IITs have great facilities and a highly conducive atmosphere for students to excel in their respective fields.

Non-IITian and proud

Amongst the non-IIT institutes, BITS Pilani and Delhi Technological University are considered to be the best engineering colleges in India. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), situated in Pilani, is known for its excellent infrastructure and academic environment. The faculty in both these institutions is of the highest quality, boasting of years of experience. These institutes offer ample opportunities for the students to develop a specific skill set in their areas of interest.

My son or daughter, the engineer!

The major factor that sets these institutes apart from the rest in India is their support and encouragement for students to research, innovate and develop new technologies. This practice goes a long way in helping the students not just get jobs at esteemed organizations in the country and abroad, but also in creating jobs, which in the current scenario of the country, is a boon in itself.


Dealing with the stress of admission

Right after completing school, students are often faced with a dilemma, with desperation about getting admission into any college providing engineering setting in. This situation is not helped by the parents feeling similar pressures to get their child enrolled for any engineering colleges in India. That is the biggest mistake made on the part of the student and the parents. You want to pursue engineering, work hard and get into a top rung college. If by any chance that does not happen, go back, work harder and try again. You get into a mid or small level college; it gets comparatively harder to excel in your career or even becoming a good engineer.