Top 5 Education blogs in India

Today, we are discussing about the top 5 education blogs in India. Whenever you enter a keyword in your search engine, the links leading to blogs appear. Blogs are everywhere. They can be written based on many varied topics. Among them education blogs brings you information about the educational opportunities, courses, careers etc.



1) Global Educates
Global Educates is one of its kind in education blogs by revealing valuable information to the public. They help students to find suitable schools, colleges or career-related courses whether in India or abroad. One can rely on global educates for the steps from enquiry to admission and to fee structures. This organization treats every student as a family member and do the best for his/her better future. Global Educates is a trustworthy organization.

2) Propel Steps
Propel steps bring posts on many different topics. It acts as a platform for good discussions and knowledge sharing. Everyone has the right to think and share their thoughts. The blog is so unique such that it gives a link between education and life. This blog brings a positive message to the public. The reviews and thoughts in this blog are very useful for an information savvy person.

3) Educational Initiatives blog
The blog started in the year 2001. With good experience in this field, they provide proper education for students by giving personalized learning classes in order in order to ensure that each student is able to understand everything. The blog is working in co-ordination with Google, World Bank, Duke University, Azim Premji foundation etc.

4) MCQ Biology
The blog is offering multiple choice questions related to biology. MCQ Biology aims at developing student IQ and awareness in the subject of Biology. The topic of discussion includes many subjects. The dedicated MCQ biology team members comes with new and new questions every day without making the students bored. This is an awesome education blog that is worthy to be followed.

5) Learn, Out of the box
Learn, Out of the box is a blog that encourage public to make education an exciting task. They focus in enhancing classrooms by varied learning excercises and activities. This blog talks about teacher’s training, troubleshooting, study material preparation etc. Their motive in making education interesting to students by incorporating technology to education is worthy to be appreciated.
The above given are the top 5 education blogs in India.