What Essential Qualities Make An Excellent Engineer?


An engineer is a scientifically trained professional, who is able to design and develop products such as software, machines, structures etc. In other words, an engineer is a person responsible for all technological innovations.

We cannot count and list down the qualities of an engineer. He/she may have infinite skills and knacks that differ from person to person. Although, some of the qualities of a great engineer are given below for your reference.

1) Attention to detail
An ideal engineer must possess attention to even minute details. A minute carelessness can destroy the entire project. No matter in which stream you are specialized, the responsibility is the same.

2) Strong analytical skill
An outstanding engineer has strong analytical skills that aids in solving problems easily. They will be in a constant analysis of issues and bugs arising from their products and fix them. Engineers also consider the future queries or problems that may arise after the product delivery and take necessary steps.

3) Excellent Communication skill
Communication skill is not simply the fluency in language. It involves the translation of technical details into native language or English by how a layman can understand. He/she must be able to communicate well with the clients as well as colleagues.

4) Updated about innovations
A true engineer even after his UG or PG will show interest in updating themselves with the new technological innovations and discoveries. They will be very enthusiastic about the innovations.

5) Logical thinking
The prime difference between a common man and an engineer is the ability to think logically. Problem solving requires supreme logical thinking ability. Without this quality, one cannot become a good engineer.

6) Innovative as well as creative
Innovation and creation relates very close to each other. For a good innovation, the engineer must be creative. They need to think of future possibilities that may seem impossible in the present.

7) Team player
Team work leads to success. Engineers work in teams to fulfil a project. It is through co-ordination of different ideas from the team members, a new product is developed.

8) Tech savvy
The term ‘tech savvy’ is quite familiar to all. An engineer must have strong technical knowledge not only in his/her own sector but also in devices that is used in the project development.

9) Great Mathematical skills
Mathematics is the core subject that is applicable in all the areas of engineering. An engineer must have the excellent mathematical skills. He/she must be able to break down the complexities in a large problem into smaller ones and solve it with ease.

10) Good problem solving skill
It is common in a project or in an industry for problems to arise. Hence, an engineer must have the knack of solving those issues arising in the industry. The problems may include bug fixes, servicing of a machine, maintenance of a structure etc. These issues need to be fixed within specific time limits that add to the quality of an engineer.

If you are a student who foresees your career in Engineering, make sure that you can acquire the above mentioned qualities flawlessly. Some are knacks and some are skills. Knacks need to be in one’s blood and skill can be obtained by training.