Why Encourage Children to Read Books?

importance of read books

Stephen King once rightly remarked, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. This magic of reading needs to be inculcated among children early in their lives. Starting the process of reading early has its own merits. Novels are not only written for the adults, but also there are innumerable novels being written for children as well. Therefore, children must be regularly encouraged by their parents to read books. By reading novels, we all know how much the creativity and imagination gets boosted among the children. There are also several benefits of reading them such as

  • Basics of Reading- As no one is born with the innate quality of knowing how to read a book, so reading really helps teach the basics. Knowledge of how to hold a book, follow the words on a given page, and other such skills are taught by reading novels.
  • Speech and communication skills– Throughout childhood, children are in a continuous process of learning, therefore it is the right time for developing speaking and communication skills among them. Reading helps them to recognize the sound that each word creates, the pronunciation of different words, which form a great part of the pre-literacy activity. The children also see how the different characters interact with each other and this way they also learn the art of talking.
  • Mastery of language– By reading a novel, the children easily grasp the fundamentals of a certain language. So, if your child is weak in Hindi or English, give him/her some books to read and you will see how he/she develops the language. The children are curious when it comes to any story, so while reading the novel if the child fails to understand the meaning of any word or even how to read it, then he/she will directly come to you seeking a solution. Through these simple steps, they learn the language without seeing it as a baggage.
  • Logical thinking skills– This is where the best aspect of reading comes in. By reading, children effortlessly develop their thinking skills which are highly required not just in their academics but throughout life. The children start imagining the conditions in the scenario they are reading, recognizing the cause and effect of any occurrence they read, and finally the difference between right and wrong is also better understood.
  • Helps in Facing New Experiences– This may sound quite unbelievable, but it is true. The children often get anxious about facing anything that is new to them. For example, the night before the first day at pre-school make them stressful, full of fear and anxiety. In such a situation, the best way to explain them is narrating a story. They will be able to relate to the situation better and also the anxiety will be done away with. Similarly, when they are able to read a book, give them to read something similar to what is going on in their life and you shall see how easily they become understanding and adapt to changing times.
  • Better Concentration and Discipline– Initially though, they may not be able to keep their calm for the duration of that long novel, but once they develop the habit of reading, they will easily be able to concentrate better and also have a sitting habits. This habit of sitting at a place focusing on a single thing is something very crucial for their future academics.

Thus, the reading is a gift to mankind that opens the horizons of human brains. So, let the little brains feel this magic too.


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