Why study in the US?


The 12th boards have been given, the results have been declared, all set and done. The natural question that arises now is, what next? If this ‘next’ item in the list of your life’s journey is flying across the Atlantic Ocean to study in the US, then you have landed up on the right page.

The choice of the correct undergraduate course and college forms the most crucial decision of young lives, for this is what forms the basis of their career. With more and more students preferring to obtain a graduation degree from outside India, given the comparatively limited options and opportunities here, the United States remains to be among the most favoured destinations. But don’t forget to place your judgements on facts and reasons.

Best known Universities, thousands of institutions, and courses!

The US is home to more institutions of higher education than any other country in the world. It has thousands of colleges and universities serving a spectrum of fields to choose from. Plus, the top universities in the US University rankings are some of the best known Universities of the world like the MIT or the Harvard University or the University of Toronto in Canada are only a few of the many more.

Needless to explain why USA has the largest student population in the world, of over 800,000[1] students. 30% of all international students globally choose to study in the US every year[2].

Study in the US could be expensive, scholarships provide relief

Howbeit, the costs incurred by living this dream is enough to kill you on your expenses. Consider not just your college fees, but the living expenses and other expenditures too. Though, US Universities offer a wide range of scholarships to students based on merit, extracurricular achievements, talent, and even sports. In fact, according to a report, US Universities act as the primary source of funding for about 10% of the international undergraduate students. Besides, student loans are also a viable option.[3]

Worldwide Recognition and high quality education

What makes it worth it, is the worldwide recognition of the credentials offered by the US University degrees. It has high acknowledgment value everywhere across the globe. Credits for the quality of education and academic excellence these universities offer. They have highly qualified teaching staff, who are experts in their respective fields. Their researches also find place in journals. The curriculum content caters to the worldwide view of events, focussing on global aspects rather than geographically limited worlds.

Immense practical exposure

The greatest boon that comes with choosing to study in the US, however, is the practical exposure one receives. The studies there are a balanced composure of theory and practice. Due to tie-ups with research institutions and industries, students get ample avenues to have an industrial experience and even earn part-time. This provides a real time training, building your self-confidence.

Flexible curriculum

And to support those activities, the curriculum is flexible and tailor-made suiting the individual students’ needs. The system is credit based wherein each student has to earn the required number of credits, having the freedom to choose the classes and the number of lectures they want to attend. Plus you would get to learn things there with the use of latest technologies in every field. For instance, medical schools would teach students with the newest medical equipment and so with other fields. This equips the students well before they enter the industrial phase of their lives.

A Culturally diverse campus life!

And then, the rich cultural and historical diversity is an added benefit. People from across the globe study in the US, which makes the whole campus experience just beautiful, and helps you to adjust in the diversity.

So yes, opting to study in the US does increase your employability greatly, providing you with handsome packages. But do your research to select the most suitable college, according to your needs and estimate the benefits it is going to reap for you in return of the hefty investment you would be making. The US University rankings could prove useful to analyse such parameters. For, a lesser known US college might not be worth that much money, but yes, a place like MIT or Harvard can promise you a career like nothing else can.

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