Your Child’s College Guide


Selecting a college is the most important step for a young adult and it is quite obvious that he or she will come up to their parent for advice. Here are some things, which this college guide includes, that you need to keep in mind that will help your child choose a college that right educationally and financially.

It is their choice

The first thing you need to understand while reading this college guide is that this is their choice, not yours. You are supposed to help your child, not impose you own ambitions on them. Talk to them and understand their reasons for choosing a particular course and college and advise them on the steps and criteria required for that.


Before the child starts listing down his or her colleges from this college guide, talk to them about the financial situation of your family. They are old enough to take financial responsibility and will make mature decisions based on the current situation. You should encourage your child to apply for scholarships or grants that do not need repayment instead of educational loans.

Read up

The admission process will have changed drastically since the time you were in college. So read up on all the changes that have occurred and the documents and information that your child will need to furnish. Also, if you child has any questions regarding the application form, you will be there to help them.

Search online

Do a quick online search about the listed colleges and institutions. Ensure that the institution is recognized and there isn’t any troubling news floating about.

Pay a visit

Once your child has narrowed down the list of colleges, it is very important that you pay a visit to these colleges with your child and take a look at the facilities first hand. This will help your child make the final call. Ultimately, you may come across a plethora of college guides, however, your chances of finding a perfect college will depend on your hard work and brainstorming.



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