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History And Facts

Founded in 1919, University of California, Los Angeles will soon be completing its 100th year. Located on the Pacific Rim, the UCLA endeavors to integrate education, research, and service so that they can successfully influence the life of others. Over the years, the UCLA has established itself as one of the best institutes in terms of both the student experience as well as facilities offered. The university has made significant contributions to the field of research and its various scientific developments are a testimony to it. The UCLA has maintained its old heritage and ethos of delivering a continuously enriching experience. The university, through all its major programs and courses seeks to promote excellence and diversity. The mission of the institute is to create, disseminate, preserve, and promote knowledge for the betterment of the global society. Although the university offers up to 150 majors, however the most prominent ones are: political science, psychology, biology, business economics, and history. Such is the value of the programs offered, 40 UCLA doctoral programs rank among top 10 in their respective fields. The UCLA can be easily described as a community of scholars, promoting civic engagement amongst students belonging to different communities.


University Highlights

The University of California; offers more than 5000 courses in various fields and most of the courses offered are amongst the best available at any universities. Recently, in 2013, the UCLA became the most applied university in the USA. Every year the university offers financial assistance to more than 55% students and the overall budget of the university stretches to $1 billion. The university offers excellent academic and residential facilities and the fact that 94% of the freshmen students choose to live in the accommodation provided by the university is testimony to the excellent services offered by the institute.

Students Mix
  • Level Of Study
    UG  68.1%
    PG  31.9%
  • Gender
    Male  55.3%
    Female  44.7%
  • Domicile
    US  80%
    International  20%
  • Ethnicity
    Blacks  14%
    Asian  35%
    White  15%
    International  36%
Smart Classes
Play Ground
Conference Room
Bank Facility
Ac Class Room
Class Rooms
Computer Facility
Computer Lab
Knowledge Center
WI-Fi Available
Life At University of California, Los Angeles


The University of California, Los Angeles’s student community is based on five pillars – integrity, excellence, accountability, respect, and service. The university aims to offer an experience which is at par any global institute but at the same time carries a unique flavour. The campus at the UCLA is not a backdrop, but it is a foreground of the future. With state of the art classrooms, modern teaching amenities, excellent amenities like fully equipped library and computer labs; the UCLA stands tall amongst the competition. The fact that 94% freshmen students choose to stay in one of the several accommodations available on the campus is testimony to the facilities available at the UCLA. Though, the university has stimulating aesthetics but the real beauty is what takes place on the inspiring boundaries of the campus.


Student Facilities

The university has more than 800 student clubs catering to a wide field. The LA lifestyle has a major influence on the student outlook of the UCLA; with iconic neighbourhoods like – Bel Air, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills bordering the university. The university housing system has 13 fully established residences at the campus which house more than 10,000 students. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, recognized as one of the top five hospitals in the country is located right on campus to cater to the needs of the more than 40,000 students housed in university. Also, the university provides round the clock security so that students can learn in a free and secure environment. TheDashewCenter, designed specifically to cater to the needs of international students, provides a wide variety of services, including assistance with immigration regulations, neighbourhood orientation, and programs in English conversation.

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