The GRE, famously known as the Graduate Record Exam, is a standardised test, accepted by major institutes around the world. In recent years, the test has gained inertia in Indian institutes.Consecutively, thousands of students, each year, flock to various GRE centres to appear for the exam. The test is conducted by the Educational Trust Service (ETS), which also conducts other popular tests like the TOEFL. In terms of global figures, GRE witnesses more than one lakh applicants from around 170 countries, every year. India itself witnesses around 10,000 students appearing for the test.

One of the main factors that attract students towards GRE is its “no particular eligibility condition”. Applicants across various age groups can appear for the exam. In recent years, many GRE Preparation centres have come up in India. The students can attempt GRE irrespective of any limits. The test is a suitable for all those who are planning to go to graduate or business school. In addition to this, the test is suitable for students exploring options. The GRE is a perfect opportunity for test givers to exhibit their skills in front of a wide audience.

Not only MBA or Graduation aspirants, the GRE scores can also be used by fellowship panels to aggregate your college records. A great GRE score can help you earn scholarship recommendation letters and other fellowships for graduate-level study.Candidates interested in pursuing a master's degree – particularly an MBA – or any specialised master's course, like MS, MEM or doctoral degrees can register for the GRE Test. An aspirant, these days could easily find preparation material for the GRE on the internet. Likewise, there is an abundance of GRE preparation courses. You could easily subscribe to one. Each year, GRE witnesses applicants from varying academic backgrounds. Doctors, engineers, and law students, are only a handful of professions that appear for the GRE.

The test scores are accepted by thousands of b-schools and other graduation universities around the world. More than 1000 GRE Exam Centres are present around the world. Ultimately, it all boils down to your level of preparation. A well-prepared student is more likely to outscore others and guarantee himself or herself academic success. Many leading GRE online practice tests are available on the internet. Interested candidates can subscribe to the program of their choice.

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