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Apple expanding business in India
May 25, 2016

Following Tim Cook’s visit to India, several chaoses have emerged regarding the expansion of Apple’s manufacturing operations. Tim Cook discussed about his plan about bringing business with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to India. Now, news reveals that China is in fear about losing Apple Inc’s Production chain.

From India’s point of view, it is a dream project. If Apple production unit opens in the country, India will be stepping on to another phase in development. Each and every country demands to be a part of the world’s largest smart phone developing company.

But when compared to China, Apple’s revenue from India is low, which is in a range of $1 billion only. Analysts are engaged in discussions regarding Tim Cook’s idea of starting manufacturing units in India. They argue that it will be a waste of time and money.

Surpassing all those pointless discussions, India is getting the opportunity to manufacture Apple products. Focussing on this point only, we can understand that the ‘Make in India’ strategy has made the deal come closer. Although the iPhone prices are really high in India now, Tim said that they will do whatever it is possible to lower the prices. 

So far no corporeal materials are given, except Tim Cook sharing his thoughts on “Apple’s future plans for India”. Although iPhone selling rate has increased in India more than that was in the previous years, comparative studies show that Samsung holds the first place in selling its product here. Cook also appreciated "the breadth of young talent in the country".

Tim Cook publicized his plans to open more retail shops in India and to bring Apple Pay, a service that makes payment through Apple devices. Through this, Cook is certainly trying to get hype in the Indian Market.  Apple got in partnership with a Noida-based RMSI for a Map development centre. All these say aloud the plans of Apple’s business expansion in India.

Apart from all these, Apple wants to sell its refurbished phones in India. But the Indian Government will never allow it. We have to just wait and see what’s cooking in Apple’s India business. Tim Cook’s last visit to India does not reveal much about the business. Hope we can see the result in near future.