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Delhi Government to Push for Changes in Education Policy
November 18, 2015

The Delhi Government is planning major changes to the education policy. The changes mulled, as per our sources, will be sweeping, and will be aimed towards increasing the enrolment of the students in the government run schools. Additionally, the government is determined to table the proposal in the forthcoming winter session of the legislative session.

As per the proposed changes, the government has decided to remove a mandatory provision, which forced the private schools to pay the teachers at par government schools. Rather, the government will introduce a minimum wage limit for the teachers of the private school. This, as per the government, is aimed to curb the increasing “donation system” in nursery admission. Further, detention will be re-instated in the schools to strengthen the teaching methodologies of the schools. Schools failing to adhere to these guidelines will be fined up to Rs5 Lakh. While speaking at the press briefing, the Chief Minister of Delhi said, "The admission process was plagued by problems. We are now defining capitation fees and a penalty has been prescribed for whoever takes capitation fees directly or indirectly."

However, the move has witnessed its fair share of criticism with some of the private schools alleging that the government is curbing their freedom. Moreover, activists believe that by implementing the National Detention Policy (NDP), the government is relieving itself from the responsibility of improving the state of education affair. The government is also planning special teacher training programs for the teachers of the government schools that will enable them to adopt latest teaching methodology and garner student interest. It had recommended fee refund for all of these and the HC, upholding this, had directed DoE to collect. Practically no schools has paid up.