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New UK Visa for Indian Students Soon
November 17, 2015

Prime Minister Modi’s recent London trip is already reaping benefits for the students aiming to study in the UK. In a First-of-its-kind move, the UK Government is expected to introduce a ‘special’ visa for the Indian students; enabling them to work for two years after completion of their course.  

Boris Johnson, the present Mayor of London and expected ‘successor’ to current British PM David Cameroon, made the announcement of the proposal to change the guidelines of the Commonwealth work visa. The visa is expected to be rolled out by early next year for the Indian students. This will enable the students to work for two years in the UK without having to apply for a separate work permit.

While speaking to the media after the announcement, Boris Johnson said, “This would be with India, in the first instance, but could be extended to other Commonwealth countries, if successful.” Johnson also informed the media that he would soon be floating a new proposal to provide special work visa for graduates in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

London, home to almost 100,000 international students each year, is one of the hottest international study destinations and the pinnacle for those aiming to study in the UK. It also contributes £3bn to the country’s economy and supports 37,000 jobs. It is estimated that by the end of 2024, every third outbound higher education seeker from India and China will study in the UK. India and China will contribute 35% of global growth during this period.